Please, please help! I need your opinions!

  1. Hi ladies, i`ve posted this in the authenticate this thread before but i think this might be a better place.
    I`ve got a second chance offer on this one: 98759&rd=1
    We`ve talked about this bag in the authentication thread before ( the 8 discussion).
    The honey is the spy of my dreams but I´m not sure what to do now. I`m wondering what happened to the bag, because it was sold for a much higher price.
    I`m thinking about saying the seller that i would only pay 850$ because the bag has no dustbag and cards.
    I live in Europe and I`m also a bit afraid of the customs. The seller said she can declare it as a gift and declare a value of only 100$.
    What do you think?
    Sorry for my awful englisch and talking so much, but i really, really need your help!
    Opinions please! Thanks in advance!:heart: