please please dont tell me this is fake!

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  1. eBay: Authentic New Gucci Brown Man Mens Bifold Wallet 136389 (item 230069094288 end time Dec-21-06 12:43:25 PST)

    eBay: Authentic New Gucci Beige Brown Long Wallet 112715 (item 230067638968 end time Dec-18-06 21:36:34 PST)

    i bought both these items for my parents for Christmas. the seller has a rating over 950 and is 100% in ratings. please tell me i did not get ripped off i already paid and received one of the items already.

    i believe the sellers former id was winter_2005. thanks in advance everyone! appreciate it

    my girl friend believes that the wallet is fake because it uses 2 separate leeather pieces for the trim instead of one. thanks
  2. Here's the problem - the fakes are so sophisticated now that a re-seller could definetly buy a supply of fakes and not know the difference.
  3. I think you should post the links at the thread of "Authenticate This Gucci" above.
    They could help you resolve the problems.

  4. sorry, the following things about this actal ring "RED FLAG" to me - user id kept secret, and then the following:

    Authenticity Guaranteed
    All our products are guaranteed to be AUTHENTIC and NEW or your money back. If you believe that the item is not authentic, please get it verified at any Gucci store and send us proof in writing for a major retailer or actual designer store.......continued

    and finally the price is rather low for NEW Gucci - sorry, but I would be concerned.

    Also the listing has the following information listed....

    Tips to find out counterfeit designer wallets
    Most of the counterfeit designer handbags are from China, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.

    Vinyl or plastic is occasionally used to replace genuine leather. Authentic designer wallets smell like leather.

    Authentic designer wallet always has logo and serial number inside

    Authentic Gucci wallets always have care card and controllato card with GG logo. Authentic Gucci controllato card is half gray half white with the measurement: 2.6" x 1.1" with no hole in it. Fake designer wallet sometimes have care card and controllato card without GG logo and printed in low quality material. Controllato card with hole punched mostly to be fake one.

    Fake designer wallet is delicate and not well-constructed.

    Tag attached in Gucci wallet is mostly to be fake handbag.

    Don't get lured by super low price. If the price is too good to be true, for example a $750 handbag sold for $150 is most probably a fake one. - hmmmm, what did this sell for?

    Visit major stores to familiarize yourself with authentic designer wallet.

    Hope this helps answer your concern!

    ps: I checked out the other auctions - definitely FAKE - buy it now prices are way too low for the items listed on the website....Sorry!!!!
  5. you should post the links at the thread of "Authenticate This Gucci" above.
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