Please pick a size! Which one looks better on my frame?

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  1. #1 May 14, 2016
    Last edited: May 14, 2016
    Hi everyone, which size looks better on me? BB or PM, I am 5"3 and 125 pounds.
    Thank you! I am being very indecisive as the price difference is only a couple of hundred.

    I usually carry mini pochette, zcp/sarah wallet, key cles x 2, sunglasses,

    I dont know how to make the pictures smaller. -.-

    Hand Held

    On Shoulder
    IMG_1827.jpg IMG_1828.jpg

    Cross Body
    IMG_1829.jpg IMG_1831.jpg
  2. How much do you carry? Honestly I like the smaller one on you better.
  3. I like the BB on you it lookd better size wise. The PM looks too big on you imo.

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  4. They're pretty close in size but i like the slightly bigger one on your frame.
  5. I like the PM on you when you carry it handheld and on shoulder. However, BB looks better when you carry it crossbody. Overall, i will choose PM :smile: Good luck deciding OP :smile: Such a beautiful bag, cant wait to see your reveal :smile:

  6. I agree with this. BB is better cross body but overall I would take PM unless you carry very little.
  7. Smaller one :smile:
  8. I have this Cobolt BB. I'm 5' 5" and it looks good on me. I think the BB looks better on you as well. But if you think you'll carry a lot, then go for the PM. Just keep in mind it's a leather bag and it'll be heavy even when empty.
  9. I love bb size on you in handheld, shoulder and crossbody. For PM, I prefer handheld only. So my vote is bb, versatile. You look more feminine in bb.

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  10. +1
  11. BB. It suits you better and you seem to don't carry much at all. Also, I'm always concerned about the Capucines in anything larger than the BB being unable to hold its shape over time (seen way too many pre-loved Capu with the corners sagging). Another question is how easy is it to get your things in and out of a smaller opening compared to the PM?

    P.s. Love your jade bangle! My favourite shades.
  12. bb looks really cute on you :smile:
  13. Handheld - PM
    Shoulder - Both look the same -.-
    Crossbody - BB

    Have I made your decision any easier? :smile:

    I would just pick PM in this case... Better to have slightly more space than vice-versa!
  14. Pm
  15. I like the pm on you