Please pick a scarf to match the Damier for me?!

  1. Hey guys....

    I am looking to purchase a scarf to match my Damier bags...

    I saw this lady in the mall one day...she had the Mono bucket with a nice LV scarf tied and it looked so chic.....

    But I have never bought a scarf before, just a cashmere wrap around I use in chocolate brown the match the bags... Need your help, any suggestions will be so appreciated!!!!! I would love something that didnt have LV all over it....

    Thank You!!!!!
  2. YAY!! i want one too! i always ask me if LV would make a damier scarf
  3. If you're not partial to an LV can try Hermes...they have a great smaller pochette scarf for $100...and they have sooooooo many different colors. I bought a red/orange one for fall and it looks great against the mono & damier canvas of my speedys.

  4. I agree, has alot of beautiful chic scarfs in a rainbow of colors and patterns.:love: I bought one from one the of the forum gals and now I'm hooked!
  5. ^^^Thank you!! I will check them out!:yes:
  6. how about Gucci? do they have nice scarfs too?
  7. I think Damier goes very well with red. You can try the fleur de porcelaine bandeau in red from LV. =)
  8. How about the LV blue denim scarf? Someone posted a pic of it with a damier bag and it look amazing!! The Fleur de Porcelaine Bandeau is also a great idea in either the red or blue.
  9. That sounds nice too, am gonna track that one down...thank you!!!!
  10. Thank you, I think this is the one!!!!!!!!!! Its so cute and different!!!:yahoo:
  11. I got the Hermes Tohu Bohu twilly in green for my Duomo bag, and I love it!
  12. Yes red with Damier is hot!
  13. Hmm how about something with a nice champagne color?
  14. how about the new Leopard/Graffiti scarf in red & purple? it's the one Kate Moss is wearing in the ads :graucho: i think anything red would be perfect with Damier.
  15. I have a Gucci scarf too (someone above was asking about it)...and they are really nice too! I just prefer Hermes because they have such colorful ones!
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