Please pardon my ignorance

  1. I was planning on buying a black City bag, and apparently, I have to go on a waiting list:sad: makes me want it more. I'm in Canada, so who knows how long the wait could be. Any other Canadians have a similar experience?
  2. Where are you ordering from? I'm not in Canada but that seems weird.
  3. try call aloha rag or balny, there is a list of authorized sellers of balenciaga on the ateliernaff site- i think it would be best to just call around and find one somewhere else... a black city shouldn't be so difficult to find. also there are a few real ones up on eBay as well. just make sure to get it authenticated here before buying
  4. Where are you ordering it from? I got mine from Holts, but I had to call around a bit to find it. With the exchange rate right now it's about the same price to order it directly from Bal NY.
  5. The Black should be easy to find. NM has it in stock in their warehouse (white too) and any of the SA's can do a charge send for you. I can give you my SA's info if you'd like. BalNY also has them. I'm not sure though if they ship to Canada...Good luck!:biggrin:
  6. tod, which NM are you talking about that has the white one in their warehouse? thanks!
  7. I was on a waiting list for 3 months before I got my black city last year - I'm in NY, USA - I waited on the Neiman Marcus list in jersey and upstate ny, and on the Barneys and balenciaga USA lists.
  8. wow, i'd be going crazy with anticipation waiting that long :shocked:
  9. And I never got my bag off those waiting lists either! My friend in California was good friends with the handbag SA in Barneys on Rodeo - and she pulled some strings and got me one off their waiting list! I kept myself on the other waiting lists just to see how long it'd take before I got a call - check this: I got a call 5 months after being placed on the NM waiting list (in jersey) saying the bag was in. The others never called! :mad:
  10. geez, LivinLuxurously, you're one patient girl, that's for sure!!!
  11. iloveelmo, I went to Ursula B in Montreal and there is a waiting list, and from what the SA told me, it's pretty long :rolleyes::hrmm:

    So I suggest looking online or getting it from the US :flowers: Or you could always try Holts in Toronto, maybe it will be easier than Montreal...
  12. I've NEVER seen a black in any size at Holt's either.
    If you want to get the bag from a retailer, order from NYC Balenciaga it will probably be faster than waiting on Holt's huge list. Plus it might be slightly cheaper, even including tax once it arrives.
  13. NM would likely ship to me, I would really appreciate your SA's info !
  14. Hi there, Ursula B in Montreal will probably rip you off in the price of the bag (they did to me last year). Did you call all of the Holt's for the bag (even out of province)? They can always ship it over to the store closest to you. Not sure about the black, but they do have tons of the other colours in stock (because of the leather). As for NM and BNY, the duty you pay is insane and if they offer to take care of all customs for you, I think they charge 40% of the price of the item! That's a lot of $$$. Best if you have someone there who could buy it for you and ship it. Or, there are tons on ebay, just get it authenticated. You'll find one!
  15. ^ Oohh I'd LOVE to know how much you paid at Ursula B!!! Just PM if you want, but I just didn't think of asking, after the SA said there was a waitlist for the City in such a condescending tone.... :rolleyes: