Please Offer Some Insight For My Next Purchase!

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  1. I have a situation so please be patient with me. *I've never been a handheld type of girl but after seeing the speedy monogram idylle sepia maybe I need to give it a try. *I currently have NF gm mono, galliera gm mono, galliera pm azur, and a affliche mini accessories pouch and one Gucci in guccissima. *I've narrowed it down to two of these fabric bags. However, I am a bit concern with Gucci fabric since I've heard stories about it fraying and their poor customer service after you make a purchase. I really like the color and shape of the Gucci since the handles are long enough to wear it over my shoulder if I'm tired of carrying it. *I also love the pink tone of the speedy and added strap. * Gucci is also $95 dollar less, lol. *What are you throughts?

    LV Speedy 30 Idylle Sepia $1090

    Gucci Sukeu Medium Boston $995
  2. Definitely Idylle :happydance:
  3. Please stay with the Idylle, the Gucci does not compare at all.
  4. Idylle all the way
  5. Why?! Lol
  6. Idylle.
  7. Stay with the LV.
  8. Is the speedy feminine enough since I'm pretty girly, I dont want to look like I'm carrying a luggage?!
  9. I don't quite like the shape of the Gucci bag. Plus, it seems that more things can fit in the Speedy.
  10. when the gucci goes on sale get it---I like the speedy with strap but I am going to wait till they bring out another collection of it.
  11. Also chiming in for the Idylle. I don't like the shape of the Gucci, and I mean -- just look at the gorgeous hue of the Speedy! It's definitely girly; a lot more so than Gucci. The Speedy shape won't feed like a luggage; I own it in a 30 and on my 5'2'' frame, it's the perfect size. Also, the Speedy will never go out of style and you will love it for years to come. I feel like you'll get sick of the color and shape of the Gucci fairly quickly and wished you opted for a classic statement piece in a GORGEOUS color! :biggrin:
  12. Idylle. I don't like the shape of the Gucci bag. Gucci doesn't compare to LV.
  13. Agree
  14. Idylle.

    In my opinion the handles on the Gucci is a bit too long. It looks fine if you are carrying the double straps on the shoulder but when you carry it as a hand held it looks kind of funny.
  15. Thank you all! I hate being indecisive, lol!