please offer a newbie advice!

  1. Hi! My name is Tamara..I'm 32 and a stay at home mom with five kids (I mention the number to explain my limited handbag collection!)

    My dear husband has foolishly introduced me to designer handbags. I began with a brighton (how shocked I was at the price four years ago :smile: added a coach tote from e-bay, a dooney handbag also from e-bay, and received a coach legacy handbag in whiskey for my b-day last year. This year for my 33rd b-day (yikes!!) I would like to add a black leather designer handbag to my modest collection. My limit is $400 (okay, maybe I can stretch it to $450) and I prefer to go through e-bay where I can get more bang for my buck. I'm actually looking for advice about brands/styles since I feel so overwhelmed and unfamiliar with what is "in". I want something not too "trendy" as I plan on only rotating this black leather bag with my coach legacy leather shoulder bag in whiskey. I prefer the look of black with silver hardware (but that's not a must) I want something fairly slouchy, with distinct hardware, one or two outer pockets, but not too big (I'm 5'2" and 110) that will overwhelm my frame. Want to be able to fit in wallet, PDA, phone, with water bottle and maybe a magazine. I like the look of the Paige Kooba (maybe too big??) or the Francesco Biasia satchel (golden erin?) I'm set on black the weathered look (don't have to worry as much about the impact my children will have on the bag.) Anyhow, I feel silly asking such a basic question in a forum with so many fashion conscious consumers, but I would REALLY appreciate any suggestions or opinions you (members) can provide!!

    Thank you so much!!

  2. I really like the Gustto Baca in black. The only thing it doesn't have that you mentioned is the outside pocket. I have 2 and they're the perfect size, very slouchy, very distinct, and the leather is TDF. I have the Kooba Paige and although I love it, it's usually too big for my needs, and I've got 2 kids. You can find tons on eBay (careful though...there's some fakes) or some sites are having sales on them now. Good luck!
  3. [​IMG]

    I really like this Stella McCartney tote, its 834€ It has no outer pockets though, but it's really cute and fresh for fall :smile:
  4. Welcome to tpf. I love recommending bags to people even though I haven't actually seen the bags in real life. Anyway, this might be worth considering (you can always return the bag to Zappos if you decide you don't wish to keep it):

    Sigrid Olsen Irena tote

  5. Thanks so much!! You guys are awesome...I love all your my problem will be narrowing down my choices to just one!! I do have another question; however. How do I find out more about the manufacturers of these bags, such as their reputation for quality work and their current appeal? I'm only familiar with the standards: Coach, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, etc. I want something unique but not so random that no-one (including myself) has ever even heard of the designer. Thanks again so much, and keep the suggestions coming!!