Please no price increase from LV

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  1. I already pay a premium buying LV here in Japan if they increase the price anymore..I'll cry!!:cry:

    So the first you guys hear that it's definite, please post it so I can run out and buy up at my already inflated prices!!

    Thanks...believe it or not..I don't know any of you but I love you's so nice to have a place to go and learn and discuss and most of all not be judged!!:shame:
  2. they will continue increasing prices because people will continue to buy those bags.
    well, not all of them. i quitted with vuitton long time ago
  3. I heard they are suppose to raise their price last wk of Feb or first wk of March.
  4. Exactly how much more is it to purchase Louis Vuitton in Japan ? Do you know any prices offhand so we could compare them to the US and French prices ?
  5. Last week of Feb or so? Holy cow! Just when I got into LV!!! Nooooo!!!
  6. Do what all the other Japanese people do, come here to Hawaii to buy bags :lol: ;)
  7. well a speedy 30 is 77750 yen..if you go to , you can do the current conversion..the yen is constantly it changes every single day..but from what I've's at least 150 more dollars to buy here.
  8. I can't just come to Hawaii..but if I could I would..I have 2 kids both in school and a husband that is currently deployed..but super idea..heck I wish I could just go to Paris and get my fix!
  9. Well, maybe when he comes back you guys can take a much needed vacation and then you can get your bags :biggrin: Good luck! btw, what is the percentage for the price increases? I have noticed that I've been paying more over the years but never really did the math.
  10. lists a monogram petit bucket as "$575" on their photo gallery page. That is of course, way way off -- it's now $790. Wish they would update that thing.

    Don't forget, with a decent amount of care and research you can still get used LV on ebay for a few hundred less than retail. I got my bucket for $425 and it's in great shape. Well, after I spent 3 weeks deodorizing it. :evil:
  11. so i will have to purchase my dreamed about wallet soon... before price increase ... sooobbb
  12. Wow.. that's pretty drastic, and the American prices are somewhat higher than French prices as well !! :Push:
  13. In Indonesia they charge close to 100% luxury tax i think... so glad i'm in the us

  14. I paid $575.00 for my LV bucket which was I think five years ago. It was my first LV bag.;)