Please need your help to decide!!!!!

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  1. Hello everyone this is the first time I open a thread and it is because I can not decide between a Keepall graphite or a monogram and also I don't know if 45 or 50 I want to use it as an eveyday bag, because I always have to carry my stuff for university and also for gym, I'm tall (1.90m/6.23 feet)

    I'd like to read your opinions.

    Thank you !!!!!!!!:smile:
  2. Best way to know is to go to a boutique and try it on ... cause even with others opinions theres nothing like seeing it yourself.
  3. I think 45 will look good for everyday
  4. 45 graphite
  5. I like the 45 for everyday use -- graphite would be gorgeous!! Let us know what you decide!

  6. I agree. Good luck choosing! =D
  7. 45 graphite for everyday
  8. Hhoooo you're great :blush: I think I'll go for Damier graphite!!!! Now I Just have to wait because here in France the keepall is out of stock. It's the first time that I'm in a situation like this so I do not know how long it will be take to get my new friend, Does anyone has an idea????? :wondering
  9. If you're deciding between classic Monogram and Damier Graphite, go Monogram Macassar! It has the Mono without the worry about vachetta, and with the black straps it'll coordinate with your clothing whether you're wearing gear that would be better with a brown bag or stuff that matches a black bag!! It's available in 45 with strap too. :okay:

    I'm ordering a Graphite Icare today and if it were available in Macassar already I'd be all over it like a Monogram! :drool:
  10. I think that could be an other option!!!:P

    While I'm waitng for my keepall I got a pre-owned porte documents voyage epi vert!!!! I think I'll have it on saturday!!! I really love this bag too, actually my first LV was a porte document voyage in monogram, I got it 3 years ago an I still love it! now he will have a green brother!!!! I'll be showing very soon!!!!
  11. ....BY the way I hope you'll show us your new Icare very soon!!!!!! it's a great choice!!!:nuts:
  12. Thank you!!! It's 9am and the lady is going to ring me ANY. MINUTE. NOW. and I'm sitting out on my verandah with my phone in one hand and my credit card in the other and can barely breathe! :sweatdrop:

    Speaking of great choices, your Epi PDV sounds divine - pics as soon as you get it!! :smash:
  13. I'm about to go to sleep !!!! so tomorow morning I hope to have the great news about you and the new baby Icare!!!!

  14. Did you get on a waiting list at your LV for the Keepall? If not, maybe call them and ask them to contact you when they receive more stock. There is a global shortage of LV's right now but I was told that France is getting restocked faster than the U.S.
  15. Today I called to the Lyon boutique and they told me that may be in 2 weeks they'll get the new stock, so I hope I'll get my new baby!!!!! :confused1: