Please! Need your help NOW!

  1. Okay, this is a sticky above but I just found out where to sign up to vote for the Purse Forum for the Best Blog Awards. I thought some of you may have had the same trouble, and mlowran posted today WHERE to sign up and vote. THE PURSE FORUM IS BEHIND IN THE VOTES!!

    Please, stop what you're doing and sign up and then vote! Use this link to sign up:

    Vote for Megs and Vlad, who have created such a wonderful environment for us all. The Purse Forum is up for these Blog Awards:

    Best Shopping Blog
    Best Blog of All Times
    Best Gossip Blog
    Best Pop Culture Blog

    Let's send off Megs and Vlad to Las Vegas if (no, WHEN) they win. They have done so much for all of us. Thanks, everybody!
  2. Could somebody bump this up from time to time during the morning? I'm about to fall asleep sitting up. Thanks, All, for doing this for tPF.

    And above all, VOTE! :smile:
  3. Thanks Rowan! I'm about to hit the bed too but I'll try to keep watching it. Great job!
  4. Thanks for the link. Just signed up, waiting for the account to be activated.
  5. Thanks for signing up to vote. The Purse Forum is in 4th place in the Best Shopping Blog, but the goal is to be 1st. If you're a member here (or just lurking), you know this is the best ever. Let's get to 1st by midnight tonight. That is TODAY'S goal!!!
  6. Justed voted and bumping this to the top :smile:
  7. You all are the best!!! Thanks!!!
  8. Voted!! :-]]
  9. Moving on UP!

    tPF is now in 3rd place - thanks to all of you. We've got a way to go to get to 1st place, so if you'll sign up and then vote, it will help make us get there! (See where to sign up below in my sig line)
  10. Already voted, Good luck Vlad & Megs. Getting my son & daughter to vote also!
  11. In less than 24 hours, we have moved it up to 2nd in the Best Fashion Blog. We're 104 votes shy of 1st place, so if you haven't signed up to vote, do it now. Please? Also, we are woefully behind in the other 3 categories but they're not unattainable. Look above and vote in these categories if you haven't already.

    If everyone reading this would sign up now, get your e-mail confirmation (which is sent to you immediately), then you are set to vote. LET'S DO IT!! :yahoo:
  12. Did someone mention the word "up"?
  13. Just voted ^-^
  14. Done. Good luck Vlad and Megs....and thank you.:smile:
  15. Less than a hundred votes now till the Purse Forum is No. 1. We're 95 votes out of 1st place!!

    And yes, passerby, someone did mention UP! :~)