Please...Need some help/opinons on Sellier Kelly purchase

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  1. I am considering purchasing either one of two Kellys.....both are sellier and in box leather. One is a 28, the other is a 32cm.

    I'm aware of the properties of box....pros and cons but wonder if any of you have opinions on how user friendly these two sizes will or will not be?

    What are the differences ( in box leather) between the 28 and 32? I have these two sizes in clemence and togo....but, again, they are retourne with much less structure.

    I also have a Kelly 20 in Box Sellier....and she can be a handfull to open and close, yet, I love her/the style so much I do not care. Do you think I would be the same about a 28 or 32 size?

    Are these box Kellys in the larger sizes so wearable and wonderful that I would never mind the first scratch (ouch!) never mind opening and closing the stiffer straps and flap....( I use my shoulder strap with Kellys, always )

    I'm grateful for any opinions and advice.....:smile:
  2. Susi...... WOW!!!! Congrats up front on which ever little beauty you decide on!!! Sigh......I have one Box Kelly in 32cm and it's retourne so I'm not going to be much help on this one....except to say, if a vintage Sellier Box Kelly rolls across my path in a 28cm I'm gonna be all over it!!!
  3. I just bought a slightly used sellier black box 32 Kelly and it is beautiful. It does have one small scratch and I just had to let it go. I will be posting pics of my 3 new family members this afternoon. I love the 32 size but 28 would be nice too.
  4. I would vote for the bigger size but it really depends on your needs, height/size proportion...but I'm cheap, I always prefer to pay just a bit more and upsize :smile:
  5. Hi Susi, both my box calf kellys (in my avatar) are selliers, and one is 28cm and the other is 32cm.

    To me, 28cm is enough, and 32cm is roomy.

    Basically, both are elegant ladies and I tend NOT to overload these beauties unlike how casual I am with my 32cm retourne togo kelly. I like them "slim", and because they are in box calf, I am afraid if they are mistreated, bulges will show. (whatever you stuff inside will cause imprints on box calf, visible from the outside i.e the surface becomes uneven)

    Stiffer straps and flap .... call me silly but I like it! Sometimes when I stretch out the folds at the sides, it makes a sound 'eeeah' :love: Well, that's me because I like my Kellys sturdy. :tender: :girlsigh:
  6. How tall are you? Do you want this for day or night? Of course, I don't own either (yet :graucho:) but I can only tell you what my impressions are from trying both sizes on at H. I personally would kill for a 28cm sellier because it holds everything that you need, and can easily be worn day into night. With the 32cm in sellier, it was a bit big for me for night (I am 5'1") but perfect for day.

  7. Ladies, thank you! I'm sitting here reading and nodding at your posts. I understand about the 28 being big enough and the 32 roomy as this is how I view my 28 and 32 soft leather Kellys.

    There's also a third option ( different style bag ) thrown into the mix....that's making this decision even harder.....and I keep going back and forth, back and forth....but, hey, it's fun:yahoo:
  8. What is option number three? Do tell...
  9. WHOA!!!!! Bag.......number THREE??????

    ....ok Susi.....spill the beans.................
  10. Oh, SoCal, ShopMom, it's an Hermes Crocodile clutch or possibly another style H bag.

    And, I bought my DH a wallet in evergrain this week and it's a beautiful soft leather so now I want "something" in that, too.

    Just when I think I have made up my mind and call tell my DH what I would like for Christmas, some other option/idea comes up.


    But it's fun.....:heart: :heart: Thank you, all for your really helps to hear everyone's view on the Kelly sizes.
  11. :yes: It's so much fun thinking about all the possibilities, isn't it? I thought I was set on a togo or clemence Kelly but lately have been thinking evercalf as well. :love:
  12. Love the list grows and grows as well...

    I remember black birkin was all that I needed...those were the simple days...
  13. LOL!!!!! Oh girls should just SEE my list!!!!! It never ends.......
  14. Ditto, ditto!!! How exciting! Let us know what you decide!! :yes: :yes:
  15. Greentea, I will post a picture after Christmas:idea: