Please,need recommendation on shoes for travel!!

  1. I'm going to Switzerland for a trip and i have to go up the mountain and walk a lot . My boyfriend tries to convince me to wear trainers or sneakers.I don't normally wear them except when i go to the gym. Nothing wrong with them. They are just not my style. Do you girls have any recommendation on any other kinds of shoes should i wear or any chic or cool trainers? Please help, i don't want to wear my gucci bag with sporty sneakers.:crybaby: I think only my fellow TPF girls can understand.
  2. I understand how you feel, I wear a pair of LV black leather sneakers when I walk my dogs. Those are by the way the only sneakers I have
  3. Paul Green loafers. My shoes SA at Nordstrom said that MANY people are buying them for Europe because of the cool style and amazing support. I bought some last week and they are the most comfortable shoes I own. They have them on Run true to size...
  4. Tods loafers are very comfortable! They also make some great, chic sneakers. As does Hogan.
  5. I second Tod's, too!
  6. You could get designer sneakers?
  7. I wear Tods loafers or my pink Puma Speed Cats on the flights, and they carry over very well to sightseeing or shopping. I think Puma and Adidas make quite fashionable trainers for women.
  8. Definitely the Puma Speedcats, they're so comfortable (like slippers !) and they're not really ugly. Plus they come in so many colours ! :yes:
  10. i am definitely not a sneaker person in terms of anything but workout. however, what kind of mountain climbing with you do? i second the hiking boot for something like that. --there are some great leather hiking boots on the market that aren't as massively obvious as others.:yes: good luck.

    how many pairs of shoes are you taking?