Please need honest opinions

  1. I ordered a "red medium classic flap" from an SA on the phone but she sent me this mademoiselle flap. I asked a few times whether it was the classic flap and she said yes, but I guess she didn't know this was the mademosille flap. Also, it's not really red, it's more of a corally red with gray stitching. Do you ladies like this bag or should I return it?
    mademoiselle 1s.jpg
  2. I'd say return it because it's not what you wanted in the first place.

    You should always go for what you really desire!
  3. I agree and I also think you shouldn't have to pay for the return shipping, since the store made the mistake, and sent you the wrong bag. (It's a nice bag though, just not the one you wanted.)
  4. It's pretty, but it's not the bag you thought you were buying. I say return it.
  5. Call them and have them pay for shipping. Dont just accept it as its not what you wanted. I hate when SAs do this. Its bullcrap.
  6. If it is not what you want return it. Personally, I would prefer the flap as well.
  7. Well the returning part is not a problem, I can just go to any Saks and return it. But I opened an account and got 10 percent off and I don't even know if Saks has a red medium classic flap. It came out to less than $1400 and I don't even know how much the lambskin mediums are nowdays.
  8. I personally don't like the linear quilting in a
  9. I personally don't like the linear quilting in a Chanel. I much prefer the diamond quilting. I'd return it.
  10. I'm pretty sure that Saks didn't order the New Classic (w/new chain) in lambskin in ANY size. Only Bergdorfs and Nordstroms. Retail on the medium lambskin was $1850.
  11. my SA did say that they have a red jumbo coming in, not sure if it's the new chain or the old chain or if it's caviar or lambskin
  12. I was actually looking for the old chain in either lambskin or caviar.
  13. I think its pretty..CALL the SA and explain its the wrong one right away
  14. I say return it. It's cute but not that cute. Classic Flap all the way. If you keep it you'll just end up buying another bag(classic flap) in the end.
  15. Return it. You want what you want and it isn't cheap, so don't ever settle. I don't think any of us would when it comes to our Chanels.