PLEASE need advice badly...BIG decision to make

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  1. You are a wonderful person for adopting two kittens. Pirate and Juju will have the best home they could ever have! Pirate looks so cute in that picture.

    Please don't feel guilty! You can't take them all and you made the right choice for yourself and your family. :hugs:
  2. ^^ It's really hard on kids too - you don't want you little ones to have to deal with that right now. You did the right thing!
  3. I'm not sure if you already made your decision but please please please adopt the kitten with one eye! I think he is absolutely adorable and it is by no means his fault that he was dealt the short stick.

    I know that when I adopted my 2nd dog, I really wanted to "save" a puppy and put him in a good home. He had health conditions when we got him too which is why we think he was at the shelter for so long and hadn't been picked up yet (his brothers were equally as cute but were adopted weeks before) but to me, that made him all the more worthwhile to adopt because he was truly a puppy that needed a good home even more. In that sense, I think the cute kitty with one eye "needs" it more than maybe other healthy kittens do and gosh, he's just adorable.

    Whatever you decide, there is no right or wrong but I hope you'll be able to give the little guy a loving home. :heart:
  4. You're doing a wonderful thing and Pirate is going to have a wonderful life with you and your family! I can't wait to see pictures of them playing in your home.
  5. well i had a little panick attack today re pirate and his eye....when i spoke to melissa initially she just said he lost the of course being an internet surfer i had to check causes of kittens losing an eye....and of course all that came up was herpes virus in cats....this can cause long term effects and even spread to the other kitten.....i was so SAD!!!!.....of course i called melissa and asked her to get more info....WHEW.....turns out that he had a traumatic injury to the eye and lost heart was breaking today for a short it possible to fall in love with a pet you havent even met yet???? i guess it is!!!!
    so no herpes.....just a long healthy life to live.....
    they will be here tomorrow after 6 pm.....i will post pics!!

  6. Just to assuage your fear about what you may have read about feline herpes virus on the internets .... My kitty Piper (pictured below) has herpes. It was a congenital infection. She has had it since she was a kitten and it made her harder for the adoption group to place her. She had to be an only cat or could only be around FVRCP vaccinated cats. She was on interferon to help boost her immune system, but it really didn't do much for her. Eventually, I took her off of it. She is very healthy but does get the occassional boogery nose and runny eyes. All in all, she is a very healthy and wonderful cat. So please don't worry if that is what may have caused his eye problem. Herpes viral infections in kitties is very manageable, almost to the point that it can be a non-issue. Most of the time, it may just be a respiratory infection.
  7. i know that is what i read.....but i was afraid for the other kitten (who is from another litter)....i probably would have taken him anyway....but i do feel better knowing that it isnt what caused him to lose the eye...
  8. O are you so excited for your new babies to arrive?! I can't wait for the pics (only when you have a chance of course :P )
  9. Please please please post pictures!
  10. i will i will!!!! i am so excited!!!.....they were supposed to be here at 2 pm but melissa has a delivery coming she called and asked if we could do it on wednesday....i guess she could hear my disappointment so she sadi she will come at 6 tomorrow.....she is a sweetie....