PLEASE need advice badly...BIG decision to make

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  1. they wil be here tuesday!!! melissa is dropping them off....cannot wait!!!
  2. Don't feel sad! You are giving two very deserving kitties wonderful new lives! A lot of people let guilt talk them into animals that they either shouldn't have or will wind up overwhelming them. If your limit is 2 cats and you are rescuing 2 babies in need then you are doing everything you can and making sure that those 2 cats have the life of leisure all cats deserve :P

    Congrats on your new family members and I'm looking forward to your pics! :yes:
  3. thank you Voodoo!!!
  4. You are very welcome my friend :hugs:
  5. Please don't feel that you are abandoning the 3rd kitten. The fact that you are rescuing2 is amazing and wonderful. Bless you for doing that. The best we can do for our families, including our pets, is understanding our limitations.

    Your are being incredibly generous to take 2 kittens into your home. Feel good about that. Many of us would love to save every animal in need but it's not possible. We each do what we can.
  6. ^^:goodpost:
  7. thanks guys!! i love the heartfelt encouragement on these threads....we dont even know each other but have some "link" whether it be through bags or
    i am off to petco to get some (MORE) stuff for my kitties....i want to set everything up so i can make sure i didnt forget anything....its been 15 years since i have had a cat...
    i have the litter pan, litter,liners, bed, scooper, bowls, kitten food (dry and soft), various toys,,
    i need to get the collars (i was waiting to see the sex) and get a few more odds and ends....if anyone can think of something i may miss please tell me....
  8. ^^You sound like you have it all under control! :tup:

    Ahhh... saving animals and buying bags.... it's a wonderful life isn't it? :yes:
  9. I agree. Please don't feel guilty. You are giving a loving home to 2 very lucky cats. And the 3rd boy has company so he is not alone. We try to do that with the rescue I volunteer for. If there is only one cat left in a litter of kittens we put him with another litter. I'm sure he will get a home soon too. They are all adorable! Don't forget to get a scratching post or one of those cardboard scratching toys. You want them to learn good scratching behavior right from the start. Pirate! I love it. LOL

  10. I absolutely love the name Pirate. It's perfect! You are so lucky to be taking in two crazy orange tabby cats. I just love orange fluffballs (but I'm biased because I have one myself).
    If you are adopting him through a rescue group, they may be able to refer you to a veterinarian that they use for a low cost neuter. $200 seems very high for a feline neuter. I would definitely see what your other options are. I also think that local SPCA groups may have certain days that they perform low cost spay/neuters. However, space is limited and fills up quickly. I would definitely look into that as well.
    Please do not feel like you are abandoning the kitty with a heart murmur. I am sure he will find a loving home. We had a beautiful orange tabby with a grade two murmur. We were fortunate enough that we were able to afford to give him the best care possible. Sadly, we lost him too soon. We only had him for two short years, but during that time, we did everything we could to make his time comfortable (medication, regular visits to the cardiologist, specialized tests). However, I know that I would not be able to afford the level of care necessary to keep him healthy in my current situation.
  11. the kittens arent from any rescue group...i think that the one with the one eye was given to the vet when he was younger because of the eye....the other kittens i am not sure what happened to...i am getting them for free because they just want to find them good homes...they will have all the shots and one is fixed already....i looked up some low cost spay places in my area and i am sure that i will be able to find one less costly than this vet....but there is also no question that he will get fixed so if it ends up costing me that amount then it will be worth it .....for his health and well-being and to ensure (although he will be indoors) that he never causes any other kittens to end up like he did....
    and i got a scratching post that hangs on the door....cant believe i remembered to buy i also bought those soft-claw things...hope they work...
  12. and aklein,,,thanks for your post,,,that is exactly what i am afraid of....a short life after falling in love with the kitten....another loss i cannot bear anytime heart would break into pieces,,,,
  13. What a great story - and think about the lesson you are teaching about 'Pirate' -- that he doesn't have to be perfect in oder to be loved =)

    And about the 3rd cat - it's not like you left him in a field - he will be taken care of -- your heart told you what to do.

  14. ita!
  15. believe me it is not an easy thing for me to leave the third kitten...but i also have to do what is right for my family and situation...many vet visits, tests, meds, and worrying are not in the cards for my family right now...we just lost our dog of 15 years 2 months ago and three years ago i had to put my beloved boxer coco to sleep after many months of vets and heart is broken from that still.....i just couldnt bear to go through it with another pet....