PLEASE need advice badly...BIG decision to make

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  1. we are adopting two kittens this pet "nanny" works at a vet and has three male orange tabbys for has a slight heart has only one eye due to an infection when he was born....the third is 100% BIG question is i know that we will take the healthy one for sure....but we also want a second cat....i do not want the one with the murmer because i do not want to lose another pet anytime soon.....the one with one eye is SO doesnt bother me or my daughter....hubby is unsure a bit and wants to see him in person....we BOTH feel like if we dont take him the older he gets the less likely he will find a home...
    so ladies (and any gents on here!!) i need a honest unbiased we adopt just the one healthy kitten and then get a second one from the local shelter....or do we adopt the kitten with the one eye as my heart i feel like this kitten deserves a great home and not spend his life at the vet...they have two 1 year old cats from last year that are still waiting to be adopted and i know that will happen to him....
    help me ladies!!!
    here are some pics of this gorgeous boy......and his healthy counterpart....


    i want to make the best decision posible and i KNOW that all of you will give me the best advice!!
  2. Oh get the kitten with one eye!!! My friend has a Jack Russell who was playing with a bigger dog and lost her eye. So, in other words thoses things can happen even to your healthy two eyed kitten. It happens and has no major affect, they adjust! Look at all the animlas with three legs. Please take him!
  3. i am pretty sure we will...he is such a pretty boy!!! he is calling my name.....
  4. It sounds like you are getting him. That is so wonderful. It's true that healthy pets that may be missing an eye (or limb) are often passed over for adoption.
    He is young, so he should adapt to having just one eye pretty quickly.
  5. Thank you for this post! I surely hope you get both kittens and then post lots of pics!!! The sweet little baby with one eye...I just want to cuddle him!
  6. We have adopted the dogs that everyone else passes by because they weren't cute enough or previously had cancer, or the face was misshapen, etc. We have NEVER regretted a single one. You will be giving the less-than-perfect cat a loving forever home and in about a minute you'll forget about the missing eye.

    Each animal deserves a loving family. You will get so much more in return.
  7. Yes, please do adopt the kitten with only one eye. He will be just as loving as the one with two eyes. I am partial to Orange Tabby cats. We have had two---sadly not with us anymore.
  8. I would probably adopt all 3. That little boy with one eye is adorable! And he is young enough to adapt quickly if he hasn't already. A heart murmur is not uncommon and doesn't mean the animal will die young. There are levels of heart murmur. Do you know how serious his is? I would not be able to leave that one little red boy and take his 2 brothers. That would kill me. Congrats on your new babies. I know you will love them. You won't even notice the missing eye after a while.
  9. I would take slight heart murmur kitty (because his problem doesn't actually sound a big deal) and 1-eye kitty (because he is completely fine with 1 eye).

    The 'healthy' one is sure to find another loving home.
  10. Animals never forget what you do for them and the ones with the most need often become your best friends.

  11. I agree! The little one-eyed kitty makes my heart melt and is a keeper for sure:smile: As far as the heart murmur - my Jack Russell had a slight heart murmur when she was a baby (12 weeks old). The vet told me that slight heart murmurs can often resolve on their own as the animal grows. When I had her checked again at 6 months old it was gone.
  12. i agrre about the murmur but i am really not in the state of mind (right now) to take a kitten that may develop issues down the line....MY HEART cannot take it after losing max two months ago....if my dog was still alive it porbably wouldnt be a question but because we have just had a loss (kids included) i cannot take any chance to put them thru it soon again....he has a level 2 and the vet said that it may resolve or get worse...the fact also is that he will need a lot of monitoring and vet visits which with three kids is difficult and financially is not a great idea for us now....
    to take all three is also not an option right now....two is our limit where we live.....
    thank you guys for all your daughter is in love with the kitten with one eye and has already named him
  13. oh yeah,,,the little orange one wont be alone...there is a kitten from another litter (from another rescue group) staying with him.....I know CINDI,,,i felt guilty leaving the kitten too....but two is all we can take right now....if i could take 20 i would.....i have another lady in the area begging me to take two kittens from her....but i think that Pirate deserves a home....and i want to take his "brother" so he doesnt linger at the vet...the problem is that this vet doesnt put ads for kittens or let people chance melissa works there...most people around here go to the rescue groups....
  14. OMG Pirate!!!! That's the perfect name for that precious lil guy! I can't wait for your kitties to come home and we see new pics.

    You are so wonderful for adopting.
  15. i know i love the name ...even hubby loved it when my daughter told him....she wants to name the other one "junior"....i have NO CLUE how she came up with that one,,,,not in love with the hubby said "Juju" as a clue how HE came up with that!!!! LOL
    so Juju and Pirate they will be,,,,,Pirate isnt neutered(spelling?) yet so i will have to do that myself...i guess they were making sure he was fine after the eye incident...but i will find a low cost option because if i do it there they want to charge $200!!!!....i am going to call my vet and see if he will do it for less...i love my vet!!
    and now i feel guilty about that third kitten guys!!! you are making me feel like i am abandoning him.....:crybaby:......BELIEVE me ...even as a kid i was always looking for strays and taking them in...i once found a litter of kittens at age never came back...i walked them in a box 2 miles to a lady that rescued i would LOVE to take the third...but it is not an option for us now....i feel sad....