please name this bag for me? bella? bella bella?

  1. please name this bag for me? bella? bella bella?
  2. that looks like a bella bella
  3. Yes, looks like an Original Print Bella Bella.
  4. that looks like a bella2, it's huge compared to my bella. Is it yours? *jealous*
  5. I wish it were mine! I didnt realize how cute the bella bella is! Does it look like this on everyone else or does it look better because it's Fergie!? LOL
  6. That's Fergie.
  7. Fergie wears tokidoki? Whaaaat? haha
  8. besides the one in the reference post, can anyone post a pic of them wearing their bella bella and/or bella? i'd love to see if once filled, not stuffed, if it looks like fergie's. thanks!
  9. It's an OP Bella Bella and it is TDF! So beautiful no? Makes me want a BB myself now but I know I have to stop thinking about buying the others.
  10. I find myself lusting over it actually. Stuffed with tissue paper does no justice to the bag's true shape.
  11. i thought that was Fergie lol...
  12. It definitely looks like a bella bella because of the size... but at the same time Fergie is a very petite person... so I don't know if her body is playing tricks on my eyes. *lol*
  13. Yeah, want Fergies bella bella BAD- This is the pic from tokidoki's website, right?