please name these celebrities' bags

  1. anyone know what bags are Lindsay and paris carried? thanks a bunch


  2. can't see the pictures
  3. I'm sorry there's a problem to upload the photo
  4. The link doesn't work for me.
  5. still can't open the siite. sorry :P
  6. Nope they still won't work for me. Is that a private forum in the link?
  7. still can't do. it said that i don't have permission to open this site.
    maybe you should register to and upload the pics to your account. and then submit it here :P
  8. mmm...dont think so...I'm sorry, I'll check it
  9. TeddyandMoo never lets me see anything, the celebabyblog uses them all the time & i always get that same message.
  10. yeah...I give up...I'm sorry guys..
  11. Maybe there is another source for the pictures, where are Paris & Lindsey, are they together & what are they wearing? We may be able to find them for you.
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