Please name these bags?

  1. I think that the pink one is a jumbo caviar flap :shrugs:

    But what is the red and the brown? Does the red have gold or silver hardware

    Are all of these bags available in stores?

    I want them all:drool:
    Chanel.jpg Pink Chanel.jpg Red Chanel.jpg
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. i think that red one has gold hardware as it is from a previous season.

  6. Is it a caviar jumbo? or something else?
  7. They are all Jumbos Classic Flaps. I can't tell if they are caviar or not.

  8. Ok. Thanks. That's a start.

    Anyone know if they are caviar?
  9. C'mon Chanel peeps. Help me out. :p
  10. i would love to have all three
    i am on the w/l for the jumbo in red caviar and lambskin-i am buying whichever one comes in first
  11. The brown one looks like lambskin and the pink one looks like caviar. The red is hard to tell though.

  12. Yeah. Looking at it again the brown does look more smooth than the others:yes: