Please meet my new canary zip clutch pics

  1. as i posted before i bought this for only $175.00 from a blog posted about where this girl is selling her mj came in 2 days and is definitely authentic.
    i love it!
    tmpphpdyMM1e.jpg canary2.jpg canary3.jpg
  2. I love the color it is so vibrant! Congrats!!
  3. :nuts: i agree, so vibrant and soo pretty!! :heart:

  4. I love this! Didn't realize this clutch actually had cc compartments inside, I just thought it was one main compartment. Congratulations and that colour is very happy!
  5. I'm gasping!! I love that color too...soooooooo vibrant!!!! Good choice!!! Now that's a color I never would have chose until I saw that pic...Love it!! Congrats..You will adore this wallet..It is my favorite..I use it everyday!!
    :heart: Emmy
  6. thats such a cute color! perfect for spring!
  7. dang...that sure is some yellow u got there!
    i like how vibrant it is and u absolutely can't beat the price! congrats!
  8. What a great color! I am seriously envious right now!
  9. OMG it's so gorgeous....i LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow!!!!! MJ's canary is one of my favorite colors. Now aren't you glad you missed out on the pursestore sale? ;) This zc is TDF!!!!!

    Congrats!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: i'm so jealous now...:love:

    ps. She ships fast! :yes:
  10. Beautiful color! Congrats! Amazing price!!!
  11. Yay! Your ZC is here. It's gorgeous isn't it? I would have bought it myself if I was looking for a ZC coz like I said in my earlier post that the color is just tdf! :heart:
  12. loooove the color!
  13. wow! that is such a pretty color! i am looking for one of these, i have heard nothing but great stuff about them! ENJOY :smile:
  14. I love zip clutches, congradulations you will want to get more.
  15. I love this color! Congrats! so jealous of your canary!