Please meet "Macho"!!!

Mar 8, 2006
On Christmas morning, Santa didn't just suprise our kids...but me as well!!! When I woke up, there was a gift under the tree that I hadn't put there...and that our cat was VERY interested in. We let the kids pick their gifts one by one....until we got to the "mystery" gift...which turned out to be a little puppy named "Macho". Included with Macho were two letters, one from Santa:
This year I wanted to give you a little extra for all your troubles in 2007. I called my friend in deepest Mexico for a favor. I hope you enjoy, Santa

And one from Santa's "friend" in Mexico, (hilarious)

Deer LXXXXXX familia,
Mi nombre is Don Miguel Sanches Juarez Delgado III. Unfortunately I was contacted by an amigo of mines (Santa Cuzz). He axed me to do him a favor. He axed me if I could send the LXXXXX familia my pride and joy Don Mucho Macho. He explained that the LXXXX familia had mucho hard times this year and could use a fighter like Don Mucho Macho to protect them from all their problemas! Whaaaaattt Cuz, I could I let Mucho Macho go!!! He is the pride and joy of all of Mehico! He is our protector coming from a fine line of fighters like Purro Macho, his father, Nacho Macho...his grandfther, and Penche Macho, his tio. They are protectors for all of Mehico and without them Mehico could be defenseless.
But Santa Cuz reminded me that I owed him a favord from long times ago when he sended me a new low rider for Christmas after mines was missing from a night out on the town with some tequila....or maybe it was impounded cuz some say that it waznt mines in the first place, but whatever, point is that it was missing and he got me a new ones for Christmas. It was all chromed out with dice and all, so now I owed him a mucho grande favor.
Since he is my mucho favorite carnal I had no choice but to agree. So I send you my most grande pride and joy, Don Mucho Macho. Make sure you take goodcares of him. If you don't, I will drive up to Tejas in my lowrider and brake your legz and beet you up reel bad essay...ok sorry....I am a little emotional OK! Anyway. jus take good care of Mucho Macho cuz he is so special to all of Mehico!!!

Adios Amigos,
Don Miguel Sanchez Juarez Delgado III DH cracks me up!!!! And here is a pic of "Macho"


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IG: Alexa.Bui
Mar 14, 2006
omg, he's adorable! congrats annemerrick! what a great surprise :biggrin:

it's been awhile since i've been on tPF. i'm surprised to see that you're back in the US an no longer in HK. it's good to be home, huh? happy holidays!