Please me pick a color: nano luggage

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Which color should I go with?

  1. Tweed herringbone

  2. Terracotta

  3. Yellow

  4. Amazone green

  5. Nut

  1. I need help. What color nano would you pick? I have the following in the arsenal already:
    LV Damier Ebene neverfull
    LV Damier Ebene speedyb 25
    LV Damier Ebene alma bb
    LV Mono Noe mini
    Saint Laurent black croc sac du jour baby
    Saint Laurent light pink sac du jour nano
    Givenchy fig pink horizon mini
    Givenchy white whip belt bag
    Gucci multicolor python woc

    I ordered the tweed nano luggage bc it really stood out as a neutral bag with a twist and I am still on the fence about it but not knowing how it’s going to wear and tear, I can’t decide 100% if I want to keep it. The appeal of the all leather luggage is nagging me, but I don’t want a plain black bag, as the sdj already fills that space. Which one of these colors do you think would best round out my collection? Thank you all so much in advance!!!

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  2. I saw the nut color in the store and it looked nothing like the picture on the website, it was very dull. So I’d stay clear of this one!
    I’d pick the Amazon personnally, I find that green can work as a great neutral, while being original.
    The tweed is fun but high maintenance probably and also I feel it looks more casual. So it depends on what you are looking for:smile:.
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  3. I saw the terracotta in person and it was completely matte too!! Beautiful color but shame to look so dull. Was the nut color matte??? Part of my love for the smooth leather is that glow it gives that is lost on the drummed leathers. I am keeping the tweed!!! I am a jeans and t shirt girl at heart and wanted this to give that little bit of flavor to my sweaters and jeans now that the weather is getting cooler. I will happily wear it through April/whenever we hit t shirt weather again in NY :smile:
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  4. Hello, Amazone color for real. It's a dark green one and Kourtney Kardashian has the nano in Amazone color. Google it for more ideas. I personally like that shade of green because it's subdued and non intrusive. I'm a lover of black bags too. 80% of my collection are plain black. My nano is in Orage color which is grey/blue/black color. I love it!
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  5. Although the green is lovely, I voted for the yellow. I love yellow. It can be worn year around. It’s a wonderful pop of color, and with the Nano, yellow in that size is just the right amount. Out of your choices, that’s the one I’d go for.

    Good luck!
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  6. The amazone is amazing!!!
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  7. Green or yellow!
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  8. I love the Herringbone one. It definitely makes the bag stand out, but at the same time, it's neutral enough to be worn with lots of different outfits. Can't comment on the wear and tear, though.

    I also really like the Green one, but that's mainly because I just love green. I haven't seen it in person, but if it's a rich and saturated shade of green, then I think it'd be a great choice.

    If you feel like those two are too close to the black SDJ you already have in your collection, then I'd definitely go for the Yellow one, I feel like bright yellow is a scene-stealer color, so to speak.
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  9. Hi! I’m wondering which did you end up going with?? I myself am looking for the nano in amazone and can not locate it anywhere. Could you tell me where you found it?
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  10. I went with the tweed, but I saw the Amazone on 24s when I was looking. I’m hoping to get another color in the future so definitely let me know how you like the amazone!!
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