Please look att pics...don't know if it's real?

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  1. I found this Balenciaga part time bag in hot pink that I haven't bought yet. It seems like it's real but I have no experience in knowing for sure. Any help would be appreciated? I have 5 pics. It also said it was from the new 2007 spring/summer collection, elegant leather, antique brass hardware, and it included a 13" long removable strap. Also, how much would a real Balenciaga part time cost? Thanks in advance!
    Balenciaga Pink Bag 1.jpg Balenciaga Pink Bag 4.jpg Balenciaga Pink Bag 5.jpg Balenciaga Pink Bag 7.jpg Balenciaga Pink Bag 8.jpg
  2. Ashley, welcome here!
    All the authentication requests must be posted in the Authenticate this! sticky thread at the top of this forum. In this case, looking at the pictures, I say that this bag is very fake. Sorry!
  3. Sorry and thanks!:sad:
  4. You're welcome! If you want to build your Balenciaga knowledge, browse through the Reference section of the Balenciaga forum. You will find a lot of precious information regarding our beloved B-Bags. Feel also free to post any authentication request in the Authenticate thread. Good luck for the search of the perfect Balenciaga bag!
  5. Ow, that bag is horribly FAKE. Balenciaga has never done that color with that hardware.
  6. :throwup::throwup::throwup: totally disgusting FAKE
  7. correct!

    and closing this.

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