Please look at what DH bought...

  1. Please help me welcome my new bag which showed up today. This bag came from out of the US, and took FOREVER to get here. It is a 35cm natural fjord w/ PH. Would really like your honest opinions. I find this color unlike any I have seen IRL. But, I really like how H marking is embossed.

    How would you all dress her up?? Definitely needs some color...:flowers:

  2. Congrats! I think it's a great neutral and it would look great with a raspberry fruit charm or brightly colored pochette tied to the handle! A very wearable color!!
    How do you find the weight of the Fjord compared to your other lovely Birkins?
  3. OMG!!! CONGRATULAITONS!!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!! Your DH is the best, what an amazing gift!
  4. congratulations. you must be very happy!
    is natural fjord undyed like barenia is? how many leathers come in "natural"? or does natural just mean light color?
    it adds nice diversity to your collection. enjoy it!!!
  5. She's GORGEOUS, Gmel!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!! Congratulations on a beautiful, beautiful new addition to your family!!!!!! I Love the embossing too! So sophisticated!!!!!

    For a little dash of color, why not a pocket scarf in some bold color way? Let me see if I have any pics of something as an example.
  6. THAT is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

    Mel, I LOVE it!! I would dress it up with a scarf, as GT lovely!!

    How do you like the Fjord?
  7. Congrats, Gmel!!! Dangle a couple of keychains from it.
  8. Absolutely fabulous! What a great dh you have! Both fabulous to wow about.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. Treat yourself to the charms that Baggaholic has on her will look super!
  10. What a beautiful Birkin! Congratulations, Gmel!!! :yahoo: Oh, & what a wonderful DH!!! I need to get my hubby to read this thread! LOL!!!

    I second HG & KellyB! The fruit keychains or the 3H charm would be lovely for your Fjord Birkin! :flowers:
  11. Wow! Congrats! It's amazing - what a dh!!
  12. what a fabulous bag, gmel! congratulations!
  13. Hello, that bag is just Gorgeous!!!!! Congrats! I agree with the other ladies put some charms, and it will look gorgeous!
  14. You've got a gorgeous bag and a sweet DH!
  15. Gmel--I love it! She's such an understated and elegant beauty! Wear her well. I would put a cadena (sailboat is my new favorite) on her or a twilly, and that's all. I can't see anything too cutesy on her.