Please look at this Juicy Bag for me.

  1. It looks real to me but I'm not a JC expert.
  2. Looks good!
  3. Thanks guys.

    I'm still not sure if I want to go for this though considering how they don't accept returns. The current price is kind of unsettling because it's just TOO cheap.
  4. ^ i would wait what the end price will be.
  5. It looks good to me. I have the exact same purse, only in green. They look identical. And as for the price....yes, that is low. I purchased the bag when it first came out for $165. I've since seen it marked down but I think they just started the bidding low. It'll most likely raise towards the end of the auction. Of course, I think you'd still have a good chance of getting it for a decent price. eBay has been slow lately. I tried to sell mine (carried 5 or 6 times) and started the bid at $50 and got it just depends.
  6. i just read the "small print" and it seems legit to me...i recently sold a HH on eBay that i had used one time and it cost over sold for *gulp*...119.00, so i don't think that the price has anything to do with the authenticity here...
  7. this seller is legit - i have bought from her - at least the item i bought from her was real...

    not to mention juicy is a very seasonal brand... the off season bags are hard to fetch high prices for them
  8. I really appreciate the feedback guys. Thanks a bunch!

    Guess I'm going to go for it! :heart:
  9. looks good to me, & such a great price