Please look at my Coach Bag (Newbie)

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  1. Hi there, this is my very first post on this website so I hope I'm doing this right. I bought a Coach bag yesterday (secondhand) and is it true that the "C's" have to line up perfectly and be even from the side to middle? Obviously the C's are not evenly spaced on this purse. One side looks good, but the other side looks uneven. I would appreciate anyone's help! Thanks so much :heart:

    Here are 2 photos of the front & back:
  2. put a pic of the inside tag (label)
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    I think its fake, but to be 1000% sure put it in the coach forum, iam sorry ,, maybe you can get your money back? Also queenhearts , look on ebay at some pics of a carly
  5. Sorry, I think it's a fake too. You can tell by the zippers. Real Coach always has a zipper connection that is inside the bag, never with the zipper hanging outside the bag and capped off with a piece of leather. :sad:
  6. I would also put it into the fake category.
  7. For those of you who thought it was fake and didn't say why, can you please tell me why? what specifically looks fake to you? Are you talking about the C's not being perfectly placed? Thanks again :heart:
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    The ring's not closed, the coach engraved in the "brass", also the hangtag, the thread goes should go in a square , not all the way around, like a little house, also the fabric seems thin,flimsy, I dont own a carly, but i have held them in coach and the fabric was pretty thick, I just looked at some of my coach bags and the engraving in the brass has a boarder going all around the word coach, Now i do know if EVERY coach made has that , but all my do
  9. THe Coach printing on the hardware, the hang-tag has embossment marks around the imprint and looks off compared to hangtags I have. Also, the leather looks thin and tonal for what you would expect to see on a Carly
Thread Status:
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