Please let me vent....I need advice


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Oct 31, 2006
I've sold approx. 250 things on ebay with no issues, and always keep receips from the post office and insurance information (if requested by buyer). I sole some Saundra Messinger earrings via USPS Priority Mail ($175) and mailed out the earrings to the buyer with insurance. I received an e-mail today saying they didn't receive them yet. I emailed them letting them know I had the receipt and the insurance information and was concerned.

Then, this evening, I received an e-mail from Paypal saying that they have put in a dispute that they never received the earrings and didn't want to wait the 30 days to place a claim with the post office (you have to wait 30 days from the day it was shipped). I know I shipped the earrings, and now I am out of the earrings and Paypal is putting a temporary hold on the amount the buyer purchased them for.

I reponded to Paypal and escalated it to a claim and I am so frustrated right now because this has never happened to me before and I don't what else I can do. I think we should have waited the 30 days to see if the package will show up....

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help my case....

I do sympathize with a buyer who doesn't receive something, but I just don't know how many packages are honestly lost.
Unfortunately, unless tracking information is requested by the buyer, I don't have that. Maybe that's the lesson I learned this time. I have always shipped USPS Priority Mail with no problems....

Has anyone had any experience filing a claim with USPS?

Thnak you!
you don't get insurance on things over say 100 dollars? i think pp requires it. i know they require dc and if you didnt get that then the buyer is going to win their claim. it would be nice of them to wait the 30 days but they only have i think a 14 day window to file their claim with pp or else they are out of luck if the earrings don't arrive and you don't refund them. i'm sorry this happened to you but they did what they had to do.

in the future you should get dc on EVERYTHING. if you ship through pp it's free. i insure everything over 75 dollars and get signature conf on anything over 150. i think pp requires it over 200 or 250 but it's way better to be safe than sorry.
I do have the insurance tracking information (or maybe I assume it is the tracking # on the side). Is this something I can provide to Paypal to show that the item was shipped? I am sorry for asking so many questions - just want to make sure I am doing things correctly.

I insured the earrings for $150 and I have that tracking form with me...
It's just that I personally would attempt to track it. Sure, I'd provide that to Paypal as well, but I'd be on right now seeing if I was able to track it!
^^I tried the insurance tracking information on and it says I have to go to a post office verify...

I just hope this all works out and thank you very much for all of your advice. I will definitely be adding tracking information to everything I mail.
yes you should provide that number to paypal. what is the message you are getting from usps? i've never heard of having to verify it in the po. that's odd.
From what the people at the post office have told me, the item can be tracked by the insurance number the post office will have to do it themselves. Just take the insurance number into the post office and have them find it for you.
I ALWAYS use signature confirmation and insure the item for over $51.00, because it has to be signed for then. Delivery confirmation means nothing anymore. Maybe its just delayed with the holidays? I hope it works out!