Please let me share......

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  1. ......"Reverie pompeienne"....:love:

    She just arrived today all the way from Rome (THANK YOU DUNA :heart: ) and what a way to lift my flagging, sick spirits!!!!!

    And, of course, there's a story behind this........

    Duna found this for me in Naples, had it shipped to H in Rome and then sent it on to me! :nuts: I can't tell you how over the Moon I was!!!! I am still overwhelmed with such an incredible act of kindness.......I adore this scarf and it has such meaning for me being obsessed as I am with Roman/Etruscan history, art and artifacts. :heart:
    _MG_3438Pom.jpg _MG_3441Pomdet.jpg _MG_3440pomdett.jpg
  2. That is one seriously gorgeous scarf, shopmom.
  3. ^^^Thanks for more sharing.....:heart: Beautiful SCARF!

    what is the story behind it???....wasn't this the one that started the POMPEII site from DQ?? and the WongBongs, or keilbasa's??:nuts:
  4. Oooh pretty SM!!! Love the colors

  5. YEP! Cavorting nymphs and all!!!!! LOLLOL!!!!!!
  6. wow, that's one serious scarf you've scored yourself there, congratulations, it's a beauty.
  7. D, that scarf is gorgeous! are you feeling better now? with a new scarf, i bet you are.......LOL
  8. Thanks for sharing - and feel better!! :greengrin:

    That is an amazing scarf. I had a major bend for Roman artifacts myself, too... in college I was an art history major and most of what we know about ancient peoples comes from their art. If you love a people, a culture, you love their art.

    And now their art is our silks... full circle! Lovely :love:
  9. What a gorgeous scarf! And such a great story of how you obtained it! Congrats!!
  10. Shopmom I am so glad it made it to you!!! I know how badly you wanted it.

    Duna...I can't say enough about that RAOK you performed. Really, I can't!
  11. Very very nice and a perfect scarf for you D!

    Is it a special issue or something?
  12. That is so great, and is even better when it comes from a PF friend.
  13. Yay, you got her!!!!
  14. pretty congrats shop mom! it makes me get one to put on my pocket!
  15. Too beautiful for words. Wear it in good health