please let me know your opinions of the tod's new d bag.

  1. I'm considering on in gold or vaccheta. In the small or medium size. I don;t have any tod's products so i woul like you opinions on it maybe compared to louis vuitton. My other options are the cabas piano and batginolles horizontal. I did a lot of research but it still can't make up my mind. I tries the small today and i'm not sure yet it might be a bit small,
    TTO00036l.jpg NMV7874_mp.jpg dsp_p1010053_1147919286.jpg voorkant 20ddd.jpg
  2. tod's quality is better than vuitton's. but the tod, and you'll never regret it! i'd but it in vacchetta.
  3. thanks! wich size do you have? Do you mind posting pistures, i haven't seen the vaccheta in real life or on a person yet
  4. i'm sorry but my tod's bags are not at this home i'm in these days :cry:
    infact, i miss them :cry:
  5. I love my Tod bags, they are very well made and classy. If you get the LV it is also well made but obviously very recognized compared to Tod bags which are indiscreet.
  6. ^^ I think she means discreet not indiscreet.:biggrin:
    Tods quality is superior to Louis Vuitton. Definitely go for the Tods if you want a purse that will stand through the test of time.:biggrin::yes:
  7. I have a tod's bag and I love it. They are just so nice and simple. I wasn't really sure what to expect of them either because I had never seen one in person, but I had been drooling over the Kate Easy Media forever on the elux site. Finally the Holt Renfrew here got some in and they are all great. I was really tempted to get a couple but didn't have the $$.
  8. yeah, I wanna get that bag too (the tod bag)... saw it at the store back then but chose a Ferragamo bag instead.... love the Ferragamo by the way.. but still hoping to get my first Tod bag...
  9. I have three Tod's - but not the D Bag. I WANT the D-bag Media (medium) probably in Camel / Caramel / vachetta.

    I have to say that Tods offers a better feel than LV. (I have a couple of those too, just like everybody else around here.) BUT, not all their styles are hits. I have the Carre but I don't care for it. It's hard to fit both shoulder straps on my shoulders - they are still sort of stiff - and it's just not that ....attractive. I got a good deal on it, but I sort of regret buying it. However, I have the extra large Miky and the deerskin hobo and they are both amazing. Now the hobo has that stiff strap that sits up at all times and I think it's not for everyone, but the leather is very nice. I wore that hobo today.

    I recommend the medium size, also. The small is really too small imo. Unless you carry very little and don't see that changing soon.
  10. Sabine, I personally prefer Tod's. Go for Medium if you feel small doesn't have enough room for you.
    Tod's vs LV. If you prefer leather bags, go for Tod's since LV's cabas piano and batginolles are made of mostly canvas. Plus, it depends on whether you like monogrammed bags.
  11. Go for the Tods. I have the dbag media in vachetta and absolutely love it. It's one of those bags that you'll just never tire of...:yes:
  12. Get Tod's. I'm dying for a Dbag Media too.
  13. Go For The Tod's.....It's Beautiful!!!!
  14. I like the Dmedia too.
  15. The Tod's bag is georgeous! That would definitely be my choice. :yes: