PLEASE LADIES WITH ERGO MEDIUM HOBO :) pics of it on you :) ?

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  1. Ok so i have read a lot of threads of people who decided to return their hobos cause they didnt like the way they fit, but i tried one on today and really liked it

    i have the large tote and i love it but i am going on vacation this summer and i cant use a bag with an open top on vacation with all the pick pockets and all SOO :smile: i like that the hobo zips closed


    do you love it? is it comfy??

    THANKS SO MUCH ( i tried to do a thread search but didnt find many pics @ all, seems most people who posted pics it was the tote!) THANKS! :smile: :yahoo: :heart:
  2. Here are pics of my Ergo Sig Hobo (the one I am currently selling on eBay). It fits GREAT - holds a TON but doesn't look HUGE and isn't heavy!! :smile:
    new ergo.jpg IMG_0855.JPG IMG_0856.JPG
  3. I don't have a pic but I just saw the post with the denim hobo and it just screams Bessie to me for some reason, lol. Have you seen the pics yet? and just casue I'm nosy... Where are you going on vacation?
  4. I agreem, I like the Denim Ergo Hobo and may exchange one of the bags I currently have for it. I think it is really cute.
  5. I DO LOVE IT! I love my ergo hobo, I love the smell of the leather, it's so yummy! And I do like the way it fits...wee! Taking pics now!
  6. It's sooo roomy...I was so surprised when I got it... I love it so much for that! I can fit my LV agenda pm, 4-key holder, cles, mini skinny phone, camera, and makeup case in it, no problem.
    ergo med hobo.JPG ergo med hobo 2.JPG
  7. Yummo!!! I :heart: :heart: :heart: that :heart: bag!!!:crybaby:
  8. haha 1st can i say BRAVO i love the giant picture of the dogs haha :smile:

    AND I LIKEPENGUINS AND PURSE O NALITY THANK U FOR THE PICS!!! :smile: (sorry i took a long nap before haha! just coming back to TPF now)

    AND MWISNER: Denim Ergo??? hobo?? WHERE ARE THESE PICTURES?!?!!??!!? i do want to see :smile: hehe thanks for thinking of me (if you know the link will u post it in here!)

    And me and my fam are going to England for 2 weeks, my father is a Brit and his sister and her kids and their kids all live there and we havent been in like 12 years haha so its about time we get back there!!! :smile: Cant wait, but it sucks cause i cant shop there cause the $$ is so weak its not worth buying anything over there :sad: BOO!!!
  9. Here are my pics. I'm on the fence about it. It's a great size, but the strap bugs me.

    Notice how the strap is kind of pointy and flat? It's not rounded and hobo-like. I've been hanging it off a doorknob with a dictionary in it to try to break the strap in, but it hasn't made a difference yet.

    The last pic is blurry (sorry) but that's the one where I have the most stuff in it, and you can see that when it's heavier, it hangs better.
    Ergo1.JPG Ergo2.JPG Ergo3.JPG
  10. This one Bessie, I'm not sure what size this is though. It's posted in the "new
    catalog early" thread.
    England sounds like a great adventure. :smile: