Please just humour me.....

  1. Ok, this really isnt news but nobody else understands!

    I am off to London tomorrow. By myself. NO children! I have guilt free money to spend. Am going to H for the first time in 3 years (and three years ago I could only window shop)

    I am ready to pop with excitement! Have been planning my outfit for a week!!!!! I keep explaining to my toddler and dancing around the house but she really doesnt get it!

    Did I mention no children? And guilt free money?

    Oohhhhhhhhhhhh why wont tomorrow hurry up and come?
  2. OMG! I am so excited for you! AND SO JEALOUS! You are going to have the best time! I hope you come back with a ton of orange boxes!
  3. oh I love it! enjoy it and drink a fantastic glass of something before you go :smile:
  4. eliselady... This is so exciting!! Are you looking for something in particular??
  5. Woohooo! Have a great time!
  6. eliselady, I hope you know about all the places to buy Hermes in London. Hermes has boutiques on New Bond Street, Sloane Street and Royal Exchange in the Financial District, plus Harrad's.
  7. Yes!!! Sounds wonderful -- please share what you're looking for?? Are you up for a bag if possible?? Or scarves and bracelets oh my!!!! Have a great day!
  8. Super excited for you!

    Wishing you lots of luck!
  9. one mom to another, I hate you! ;) Seriously, you are going to have a fantastic, child-free time! I had a weekend getaway recently with my friend at a beach. Both of us are moms & we were giddy at just being able to hang out. Money to spend at an H out! You will have to post your purchases when you get back. Have a wonderful time!!
  10. Very, very exciting!!! Have a fabulous time!!!
  11. are one lucky lady! I say have tons of fun at H and buy lots of goodies!
  12. Have loads of fun tomorrow, eliselady! Don't forget to treat yourself to good yummy ice cream and desserts. To me, when I have my own private time, I savour every bite of my ice cream on cone and every bite into my favourite bread and butter pudding! Without my kids, I at least get to enjoy and not swallow my food whole, or worse still, left their leftovers!
  13. No children?:nuts: Guilt free money to spend?:shocked: Have a BLAST:yahoo: and do let us know how you make out!:graucho:
  14. wow!!!! this is going to be so much fun!!! Enjoy it!! and hope you bring major goodies back!!!
  15. LOL, that was just what I was thinking!! You will have a great time, and I am soooo jealous! Can't wait to hear about it!