Please join me...Instant Reveal


Jul 9, 2010
Over the past week and half or so I have been asking tons of questions about colors, sizes, etc. I first want to thank everyone who sent me pictures and/ or info. I truly appreciate it. I mentioned to some that I received some of these items but was waiting for the last little lady to arrive. She finally did today!!
So here goes:
My new additions:
Orchid and Lace parchment Lindseys.


I had been calling so many stores to find the orchid and everyone kept saying they didn't have it. On monday I decided out of the blue to go to the outlet @ 10 and THERE SHE WAS!!! They had just gotten her in and was the only one.:smile: I could hardly contain myself.

Parchment and Slate woven totes.

I thought the slate was the denim when I ordered it but thanks to Kath00 and a few threads I found out it wasn't :sad: BUT it is still very pretty and will keep her. Now I have to hunt down that denim one (@OUTLET PRICE ONLY). (If anyone sees one PLEASE let me know. TIA)

I almost forgot....I was finally able to score a mirror heart locket thingamajiggy fob
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Jul 9, 2010
WOW...congrats!! Lovely haul!..Im not 100% sure but I dont think there was a denim woven tote...I know there was slate, parchment and I think shell....correct me if im wrong :smile:

Thanks Aagh. Yes there is is a denim and I want that baby girl!! BTW, Should I start programming my alarm?

Twins on the Orchid Lindsay - isn't she a beautiful color!!!!
Absolutely LOVE your woven totes - they are absolutely stunning!!!!

Thank you, Yes I find the color so stunning!! That shimmer is such a special touch.

Thanks girl!!

Great bags! You were lucky to find your orchid lindsey!
Congrats & enjoy!
Wow! what a haul! And what great luck you had with that orchid Lindsey. Congrats!
@ Jersey Girl & Black Sheep- Thanks, I could hardly believe I was able to find her near by.

WOWEEEEE!!!!!!!! Gorgeous bags!!! I'd love to get my hands on those woven totes or your orchid.....CONGRATS!!!!

Thank you. I feel like the wovens are phenomenal. So detailed, simply amazing.

Great Haul ! Congrats!
Thank you!!

Congrats on all of your new lovelies!!! They are beautiful!!!!

Thank you!!