Please join me in removing fake plum LV Le Fabuleux listing

  1. I almost placed a bid on this plum Louis Vuitton Le Fabuleux bag, listing #300047283067. I passed because it had a reserve price of $2250, which I thought was not competitve. It is now relisted with a Best Offer option. I was considering bidding until I stumbled onto a post in the LV section about the problems with this bag. First, the threading on the inner leather lining was supposed to be two-toned. Second, the front metal clasp and handle attachment hardware was too low. Third, the heat stamp is, according to trained eyes, way off.

    Since I do not want others to unknowingly pay a lot of money for a fake, I reported to eBay about the fake bag. If you join me in reporting the fake bag to eBay, perhaps and hopefully, eBay will remove the listing.
  2. that sure is alot of money to get ripped off for!
    So glad you did your research!
  3. I would but I know nothing about LV. I do report fakes items but only when I'm 100% sure the item is a fake. Good Luck! I'm pretty sure you will get support from the LV forum girls.
  4. Have you tried placing this thread in the LV forum ??
  5. I'll report it but the auction looks so convincing that I doubt it'll bet pulled. it's best to report it to Vero as well.
  6. OMG there's no LV Vero rep on ebay! :wtf:
  7. I think you are right about eBay doing nothing about it. Even if it looked blatantly fake, eBay would not pull the listing. Highmaintenance posted the thread "let's catch this thief" about a fake Channel bag. Numerous pFers joined in to report to eBay. Guess what? The listing ended yesterday with a bid of $1500. eBay stands to collect $45 in insertion fees and Paypal (part of eBay) gets about $50 if the winners pays by Paypal cc. The bottom line is that I give up:sad: .

    The only comment I have is that my first reaction upon learning about the fake was total shock, numbness, and fear, because I was almost scammed $2K!:hysteric: :sweatdrop: :wtf: :yucky: Have you ever been scammed big time? (I do not mean a few hundred dollars only.) If you have, then you would know how I felt.

    BTW, who is Vero?
  8. vero is some sort of program where members represent the copyright owners. a few weeks ago, I reported a seller who sold me a fake, and I reported all their listings. Ebay did nothing. then I reported his fake burberry scarvesm to the vero owner, a few days later they were NARU.

    How eBay Protects Intellectual Property (VeRO)
  9. Dear MissThing,
    I read the VeRO section, I do not see any representation from Fendi or Louis Vuitton.
  10. ^^ yeah, I realised that then made post #6, lol! :smile:
  11. The sad thing is eBay targets the honest and ethical sellers and keep pulling their authentic listings off, and then allow the fakers to continue...this is the complaint many have of eBay. Why doesn't eBazy get their act right and make it safe for buyers at the same time make it fair to honest sellers????? All they care about is their own pockets <sigh>
  12. That is correct - there is no LV VERO rep...
  13. I can't believe it! eBay has just removed the listing. I confirmed this by searching through key words, listing number, and completed listing.

    Wow! eBay is not bad after all.
  14. At least it has been removed - that is one hell of a scam!!:cursing:
  15. You just never know.....jeez.