Please interpret this email for me...

  1. Quick background: lots of mutual friends, some hanging out, no official dating.

    I don't get if he's saying that he's not sure he wants to be friends with me at all (like, he might dislike me), if he's glad we are friends, or if he wants to be more than friends:

    So, before I go, I thought I should let you know that I still don't really understand you. I think you've successfully transitioned from being someone interesting to know, to someone I like, but I don't know. You know? There's quite a bit of ambivalience. At the very least, you've been someone who's on my mind quite a lot. Maybe this trip to the mountians will clear my head.

    I'll talk to you sometime in the future. I can't imagine staying up in Soda Springs too long.

    It's hard to tell what he means by "someone I like." Okay, thanks, ladies. I always appreciate your time!
  2. He obviously likes you. A lot. But for some reason he's a bit confused and he needs some time away to think. That's why he's going to this trip to the mountains.
    You're right, the e-mail isn't very clear but I don't think there's any doubt that he likes you. He'll come back soon and I'm sure that everything will work out.
    Good luck!
  3. his email is rather confusing..cause i think he is confused..confused in a good way though..he likes you but he wants to take it slow and really think this through..or perhaps he's just got too many things in his mind right now..i think he likes you..;) but he wants and needs to know you more i guess..good luck kaie'..keep us posted..:amuse: :amuse:
  4. Thanks, I didn't want to read too much into the "more than friends" vibe... I appreciate your insight, girls!
  5. Yeah, I agree with Miss-lilly...he definitely likes you. You've kept him interested as a friend, but now it seems like it has gone a step further for him. He sees you in a different light, perhaps more like girlfriend material, so he wants to know you more deeply, instead of make sure his feelings are valid. It also seems like he's questioning himself for having these feelings, like he doesn't want to have them.
  6. We've only recently met despite having a lot of mutual friends so I'm still thinking 'someone I like' might just be as friends. Ha! Oh well, thanks for humoring me. No point reading too much into it.

    I'm just not sure if this requires a response on my part.
  7. Wow this guy speaks in codes! I do agree with the others that it seems like he likes you more than a friend but is still not 100% sure. Let's hope after his trip to the mountains he can explain this more clearly;).

  8. You scored!! I think that in the beginning he was looking for being friends but that definetly changed for him and that's why he is confused because he didn't expect it.
    He definetly likes you..a lot! He's thinking about you a lot.
    Is there anything that would speak against having a relation ship like big age gap or does he have a girlfriend?
    He's going to clear his head and I think that he expect the same thing from you (you know question). If you like him as well there is no need to worry that it can't go any further.
    The best you can expect in the beginning of a "relation-ship" is that the guy is confused:biggrin: .
    Keep us updated please!!
    Good luck sweetheart!
  9. What's with this "successfully transitioned" like you were running through a series of paces!! (LOL) Not sure if I love that language, though maybe it was unintentional, and meant differently than it reads. It could come across as a bit of vanity/ self-love but obviously I don't know the guy at all.

    Does sound as though he likes you, but is a bit self-involved, moody, over-thinking of things? But don't have the physicality of him at all, to compare this to.
  10. how the heck are you supposed to know what he means if even HE doesn't know what he means?:weird:
  11. :lol: Right on!!

    I always over-analyze things when it comes to men, but IntlSet it seems to me he's going towards the more than friends path.
  12. he likes you. he cute? ;)
  13. That was a pretty convoluted message. I honestly don't know what to make of it.
  14. I agree completely. Lack of communication on both parts is hazardous in every relationship. It dosent matter how new you are, or how close you are or arent. If you are confused about how he feels, you have to call him on it. By just saying......... "um ...... so ........ Im a little confused on what you are trying to say." If he shys away from your asking, so be it. Dont hang around and wait. Any one who truely cares, will let you know and wont beat around the bush. If he just wants a friendly relationship at the moment, he should just say so. Predicting the future is too tough, but saying what you feel shouldnt be. Communication is the start to a GREAT friendship/relationship.;)
  15. This guy is CONFUSED himself, so obviously he is confused.