Please, I'm desperate!!! Violet Money Wallet ANYWHERE please!!!!

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  1. I searched the threads, and I couldn't find where anyone had one. Can somone PLEASEEEEE tell me anywhere they've seen one? I want one so bad and I haven't had any luck finding one :crybaby:

    Ps. USA only :tup:
  2. bump :shame:
  3. I saw one on evilbay today ... may still be available. Good luck!
  4. i think they're sold out...yourbest bet is ebay atm...but try calling balny, they might have some 'old' stock. good luck!
  5. The one on the bay was a compagnon, but I'm looking for a RH Money. Has anyone ran across one lately?
  6. Have you tried Barney BH or NM Fashion Island?...or AR GL~!