Please Identify!

  1. hi i was just wondering if anyone knows what this bag is called THANK YOU!
  2. Is it vintage? Doesn't look like any of the newer designs.
  3. It is definitely a vintage Chanel.
  4. i've been coveting it but can hardly find any pictures of her with it! these are the only ones i've found:
    back of bag.jpg cate bag 1.jpg cate bag 2.jpg side back view of bag.jpg side front view of bag.jpg
  5. one more:
    side of cate bag.jpg
  6. she's not carrying the same bag as in the first post is she?
  7. all of the pics are from the same day, of the same bag. i just wasn't able to upload more than 5 pics a post, so i had to post a second time to attach the last picture.
  8. the bag that she is carrying looks like an exotic... python probably? the bag in the first post looks like a lambskin vintage bag.