Please identify this LV handbag! :)

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could identify the LV in the photo? It was the best I could take, but I need the exact name/model specifications so that I could look into what makes this specific model an authentic purse. This way I am prepared to know it is real prior to making a purchase! If u can't really see in the photo, it has a lock on its closure/zipper to the right .. I'd greatly appreciate your help! Thanks :smile:
  2. Also, the handles on this one are lighter in color in comparison to the other LV's there.. Does that mean it is real? Any tips on what I should look for to make sure it is authentic before buying it?
  3. i could be wrong ofcourse!!!:graucho:... but i don't think speedies ever came with the little gold "feet" on the bottom of the bag... and something just looks "off"...might be fake??!!!!!
  4. Hi, please post for authentication in the sticky thread above here:

  5. It's fake. The handles are too long and speedies don't have "feet".
  6. I recommend you spend lots of time here, on the LV site or store familiarizing yourself with the bag. Look at lots of pics.
  7. Wow! You guys are such pros!! I totally thought it was real :sad: Thanks again!
  8. The authentication thread is very helpful. Just dig through existing requests and see what bags are real and what are not. You'll start noticing the details that scream fake. Though the pros know way more than I ever will, at least I can see glaring issues. :smile:
  9. I must be hanging out here too often to recognize that the women's speedy doesn't have feet and the vachetta on the bag aren't supposed to be 'rounded'. They're more diamond shaped I think!? :roflmfao:
  10. 100000% fake!! Sorry gurl ):
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.