Please identify this Gucci

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  1. Okay, so now I know what I what for my birthday! Wow it is beautiful.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I was just wondering if somebody can help me with the name/style of my Gucci bag? This was purchased from Holt Renfrew in June 2003. It would be great if you could also let me know (if you remember) what the original retail was for it (in US$)?
    Also, is there a library of GUCCI bag styles and prices from 2003 somewhere? I tried to google it but had no luck in finding anything:sad:.
    TIA for your help!:smile:

  3. :tup:
  4. Can anyone tell me what this bag is called. It is cream leather bowling bag style and I bought in from Gucci concession store in Brown Thomas, Dublin, Ireland last year. Never thought of asking what it was called !!?? trying to attach to this thread but cant figure out why it wont let me??? Says kb too large. Just look at my profile picture to see bag. Thanks!!!:confused1:
  5. Post your question here and someone will be happy to help.

    To attach pictures, you'll have to resize your photo (you can do this in Microsoft Paint) and then use the paperclip to attach. Hope that helps.

    I did take a look at your photo and it looks like it's the Signoria Dome Handbag but I could be wrong. Repost in the correct thread and I'm sure someone will let you know for sure. Good luck.
  6. Anyone know what this one is called or an approx. age?

  7. oops...never mind... I posted it at the name that gucci link

    sorry... i'm new.... just getting all the forums figured out!:tpfrox:
  8. Thanks a million...just found out it is the large white leather signoria bowler bag.....Looks like I got it at a great price ( 800euro )...
  9. I purchased this bag this past weekend and love it! However, I've never seen it before. Any idea how old it is? What season is it from? Who was designing for Gucci at the time? Any bit of information is appreciated!

    Forgot to add - the strap is a thin wide woven leather that's tied with leather strings to the body of the bag.

    Thank you! :yes:

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  10. Anyone??
  11. ^^^ Thank you! I did!
  12. Bought by my aunt maybe in the early 1970s in Florence. Wooden body trimmed in caramel colored leather, with detachable strap. In original box with dust bag. No serial number. 3 photos attached. Many thanks.

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