Please identify this Gucci

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  1. Can anyone help me identify this bag? It was a gift and I'm interested in selling it and have no information to advertise it. I know it cost around $1500.00 new. I appreciate any information you might have. Thank you in advance.

  2. Pic ??

    please try in the thread Name That Gucci!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Anyone know the style/name of the Gucci bag featured in the new Lucky magazine (with Zooey Deschanel on the cover)? It's a dark chocolate brown, slightly glossy doctor's bag style. Know the one I mean? I think it's $595. Can't find it on the Gucci site. Help!
  4. I have that magazine and it looks like the medium Boston bag in black dialux with leather trim. If you call a Gucci store they should know about it... hopefully.

  5. Ditto! the bag looks lovely.
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  7. So I turned 21 a couple of weeks ago and my boyfriend got me such an awesome gift because he's amazing and he knows how hard I've been studying (I'm taking the LSAT this saturday! eeeek!). :wlae:

    Can anyone please identify the name of my wallet, what line it's from, when it was produced, etc?

    I know he got it at the outlet in Cabazon so I assume it's from an older line.

    Here's a pic (along w/a pair of CLs! :heart:)


    It's checkbook sized and is smooth leather.
  8. Its the black britt continental wallet. I bought one of these also. I love it. The Gucci wallets hold up a while and this is a great one to get. I also love your shoes
  9. A very happy bday indeed! Congrats!
  10. I hope you did well on the test. I'm taking it in December, and I struggling with games. I'm studying so much, so I know exactly what you were going thru.
  11. queen--oops! im so sorry!

    italianfashion-- thanks so much! i love the CLs too. they're my first and i am in love!

    sneezz--thank you!!

    costarica--my test date is this saturday and im crossing all my fingers and toes!!! im really nervous. games can be tough, but once you get the setups right everything else should work out fine. RC is my weak point. I always struggle with finishing all 4 of the passages on time. esp on sections that have 27 questions! PM me if you ever need any advice, support, etc!
  12. Closing...please post in the area posted above. LOVE the wallet and the shoes!! Congrats!