Please identify this Gucci

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  1. I posted a response in this lovely TPFers original thread in Wardrobe, but figured it really belonged in this forum as it was a specific question about a style. Does anyone know the exact name of this purse? I never purchased it when I saw it, and now think it would be really cute for going out. This is a link to the thread:

    I wonder if it is still available..Thank you sooo much!
  2. I think they call it the horsebit clutch? I have one and love it! I have seen posts of it popping up at the outlets.. Pretty recently too! Check the Outlet / SalesInfo thread.. I believe there are even pictures of it too.. Start with the most recent and work your way back.
  3. Thanks! I am hoping it is at Woodbury because I plan to go a week from Sunday and would prefer to get it in person. I am totally stalking the outlet thread!
  4. That purse is adorable. Post pictures if you do get it and keep us posted either way!
  5. Of course I will keep you all posted :smile: My upcoming trip is practically the only thing getting me through finals (well, that..and a mani pedi)
  6. next time.......Please Post your question in "name that guccI" thread..u will get a quick response there!
  7. Thanks, Jill. Thanks to the help of the TPFers, I found the purse at Woodbury and am trying to figure out how to post photos!
  8. i cant find the picture of the bag but i know it's a round hand carry bag with a gold metal bow on the right hand side. it's part of the goated canvas line. can someone please help me with the name of this bag. and will it be available during the sale next week? thank you. :smile:
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  10. the bag is from the line but it's a small round bag. it's looks like a mini louis vuitton papillon with short straps that can only be hand held.
  11. Hmmm...the small Duchessa Boston bag?
  12. yes it is!! THANK YOU!! :tup: does any1 know if it was be on sale next week?
  13. ^^ No problem. I believe only the spring/cruise 08 items are going on sale, but you could always call and ask. :yes:
  14. hi! i was at the Gucci store this past week and fell in love with this bag! i looked everywhere and couldnt find pictures of it, so hopefully someone can help me =)

    size wise its about the size of the Louis Vuitton speedy 30, it comes in black or white, it has the Gucci logo all over it that looks like its embossed in the leather. the whole thing is leather and i believe the price is 995. i am trying to get the name so i may find pictures of it so my bf knows which one it is that i want since its your 3 year coming up soon!! haha

    im hoping someone can help me!!

    thanks guys =)