Please identify this Gucci

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  1. My sister was given an old Gucci bag from her mother-in-law. She wants to know what year this bag was released and how much it was....can anyone here help please :smile:?


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  2. I believe that's a classic "Bardot" bag, but I'm not a Gucci expert. I'm sure others will weigh in with more informed opinions. Good luck!

    Oh, and the mods are probably going to direct you to put this query in the "Name that Gucci" thread.
  3. Didn't know :P I will post now! And Mod's please delete this thread if u wish!
  4. Closing
  5. I saw someone carrying this Gucci handbag and liked the classic design, size, and shape of it for an everyday kind of bag. I've searched online stores but I can't find this bag! This is the only image I can find of this bag, from an online retailer of fakes. The actual Gucci bag I saw was wider and bigger than this, and the clasp definitely falls much lower, and I think the stripe is also spaced differently. Can someone tell me what the name of this bag is and what season it came out? Thanks!

  6. i think we have a spot for name that should really use that thread....

    but it is the treasure boston bag and i dont think it came in monogram, exp like that!'s an OLD model and i last saw it at the outlets
  7. I have been searching for a nice bag to give to my cousin who's been recently diagnosed w/BC.
    I got the picture from here (it's @the outlet store) And if you phone order from the outlet store-what's the return policy like?
    Does anyone know what size this is? Is this Britt Guccissima Medium size?

    She's in you think this is out of style now or a classic?

    Thanks ;)
  8. Here is the pic

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  9. Its beautiful! Sorry- don't know what it is but I LOVE it!
  10. Duh I see the sizing on the pic ...oops
    But want some opinion on this bag please :smile:

    (Is this a tote/satchel style?) She doesn't like long handles
  11. It's the boston style bag. It looks a bit too large to be the medium size to me, but I'm not sure if Gucci ever came out with a large Britt boston. The handles, if I can remember aren't very long, it can be carried on the shoulder. The handle length is adjustable, by the way. This style is from cruise '07, and it is definitely a classic! It would be a great gift for your cousin.
  12. So the handle isn't long?
    I wanted to get a bag w/short handles so it can be carried on arm or held like a tote...I don't want something that is long for shoulder.
    Do you think the size is too big? (17X10) She's 5'3 petite lady. Is this similar size/style to LV speedy 35?
    I just need feedbacks b/c outletstore's policy is finals sale :sad:
  13. I think that this is a great bag for your cousin! She will love it. I don't think that the handles are that long!:okay:
  14. i don't have this one but a very similar style... the duchessa boston. i think it's the same size though and the straps aren't long at all- to me it's more of a hand carry but mine doesn't have the adjustable straps so i'm thinking this will even fit even better on the shoulders as well. i think my bag looks better carried around than on the shoulders because i personally think it's pretty big. but if i could choose i'd go for the britt instead of my duchessa! it looks classic regardless of age.