Please identify this Gucci

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  1. Please post these questions in NAME THAT GUCCI THREAD!
  2. ok done, sorry Jill, I forgot about that thread. :shame:
  3. ^no Prob!!!
  4. I was at the Orlando Gucci and saw this fabulous black small pochette with the horizontal red/green stripe. it goes like this: (sorry if it doesn't make sense)

    leather strap
    horizontal stripes
    black mono fabric

    I don't know the name, its on sale for $309 right now but all have been presold here and tampa!! Its not online. Any suggestions of where to look?
  5. oh. ok and its kind of... roushed... or gathered right under the stripe band ... if that helps at all.

    I didn't put that in b/c i didn't think it would help but maybe... just maybe
  6. I emailed the seller and she said it was purchased in a boutique in Europe and given to her by a relative a few years ago. I bought it, but want to know more about it. Can someone help? Thank you!

    The pics. are from the ebay listing:

    Attached Files:

  7. Ok. Thank you. I just thought for sure someone here would know. ;)
  8. Please post in NAME THAT GUCCI thread!
    we will try to help u there!
  9. Can anyone help me.. I put this is the regular handbags thread and no one had a clue who made Kim's bag :s.. please take a look!

  10. no one??
  11. i have no idea about the bag. but her sisters boots....omg :nuts:
  12. Did you try asking in the general handbags area? You may get more responses there.
  13. i put it in the general thread before the gucci one.. i found out who makes it though.. its a jimmy Choo Tahula Hillary Doctor Bag
  14. Please help me identify this bag!thanks