Please identify this gray handbag from the "Souple" Collection!!

  1. I purchased this "new with tags" Saks shelf pull. An eBay find. It has not arrived yet but I think I will add it to the "understated work handbags" stable.;)

    Beyond the fact that it is from the "Souple" collection in caviar leather, I do not know what the style is! I was going to add it to my Chanel family list until I realized I do not know what it is called!

    It's not the bowler - that has thicker handles - and it's not the tote....:confused1: Any ideas?
    81ae_1.JPG 810f_1.JPG 8099_1.JPG
  2. Try post it in the authenticate thread, I think the rings holding the straps should be round.
  3. that bag looks OFF to me,anyone else?
    Post in the AUTH THIS thread..we have some great Chanel pros that help there!
  4. Thank you Jill, those are the perfect words for it ... the overall look is a bit weird, the stitching, the leather and the hardware are not very convincing.
  5. Beautiful bag.:heart: Love the color. Congratulations.
  6. HI Smooth!

    I posted in the authenticate thread cos the gals who saw it here thought it was off but Jen and Nathalie said it looked okay. Now you seem to as well so all is well in the world! Do you know the name?

  7. The gals in the authenticate forum know their stuff!!! I'm glad it turned out to be the real stuff.
  8. Me too.:sweatdrop: Still don't know the style name though! :pThe tag says "large tote" so may settle for that!