Please identify this gorgeous bag!

  1. I love this bag! :drool: I saved this pic from a thread & can't remember the name or where I found it. I think it was a Soho bag, but I'm not sure of the exact name or style. I love the shape & color of this bag. Does anyone know the name, size, or where it might be found? Also the price? Thanks a million. :heart: If anyone has it, how do you like it?
  2. It's from the Soho collection. I was just on the phone with my SA at Saks about tomorrow's event and asked her about it. She's going to call around and get some info. I'll update the thread when I hear back from her.
    Update: Style #A35091 Y01969 / $2650 / Spring Act II
  3. I love the shape of this bag. You just have to be sure you'll be happy with a handheld bag (vs over the shoulder or tote)
  4. Love this bag!
  5. Oh, I know. I have lots of handheld bags. I guess they're my favorite. I think I have 4 different speedy's, Mizi, Chanel bowler, ........ lol. I really like the color of this one. :drool:
    And thanks for all the info everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
  6. Thank you!! I also found out that the bag is 18" at the bottom & around 15" at the top, & around 10" high.
  7. Ok, Saks only bought this shape in white. I'm 90% sure Neiman's bought the red.
  8. Try Chanel Chicago they had a few, not sure what colors? I think Black and White...
  9. Kathy, did you ask Shannon? She has several from this ligne, they're AWESOME in person! I especially love the flap in this ligne.
  10. Me too! The flap is TDF!
  11. I agree with swanky and april regarding the flap from this ligne. I TRIED to buy one, but every single one that I received was either torn (yes, a hole in the bottom of the bag :wtf: and another had broken links around the CC's, a third one was just abused and should have NEVER been shown to me :cursing:). The worst part was that the bags were put right back on the shelves to be sold to someone else.

    As for the handheld, if you can find one that has never been used or returned or played with in the store, I'd jump on it as they really are stunning bags. Good luck and post pics if you get one.
  12. that is the most luscious red! Holy Moly that bag is gorgeous!
  13. Does anyone have a pic of the flap from this ligne?? I love to see that. Thanks
  14. Found this pic (borrowed from ChanelLover1):
  15. it's better IRL:yes: