Please identify this color

  1. anyone??:confused1:
  2. Etoupe?
  3. Is it?? it has a yellowish/brownish shade?? dunno..or is it the lighting??
  4. It might be camel? I've seen this color swatch before....
  5. It is a gorgeous color. I am not sure what it is but I saw those muffs in an issue of Departures and they were crocdile with mink inside and they were special order. The color might also appear different because of the lighting but I do love it.
  6. [​IMG]

    Hermes Junkie, I have not seen a leather swatch for this croc but I am going to hazard a guess that it's Toundra in croc.
  7. Gorgeous color!! Is this a new color?
  8. The color is called "Cocoa", which is new color came out this spring. Gucci uses this color for different bags and clothing.
    The crocodile skin is galazed skin. It can take 45 days to tan this color of crocodile skin
  9. here are two larger pics and as far as i know there is no specific name other to the color as it was only done in that coat and muff kelly and i have seen the coat life and the color resembles no currently available colors in croc the closest is golden sable from the past . but it most definately is not cocoa and not glazed it is the souple matte croc h uses for their coats
  10. The colours are so different in the 2 sets of pictures!
  11. that was what wondered me too. but it is the same jacket and mine represents the color closely to what it looks in real life (it is a tad bit lighter in person) but h had different versions of that jacket in the stores and one was a taupeish patinaed croc but that was not shown on the runway.
  12. ^^Ditto! Regardless, it is very drool-worthy!!! :drool::drool:
  13. Nice color with nice price tag. I almost fainted when the SA told me how much this croc jacket cost.