Please identify this Chloe Bag

  1. Saw this pic posted on another thread and am eager to know which bag it is and where I can purchase it. I appreciate the help.
  2. I think that's the quilted Bay bag? Some of the ladies here on the board have the actual bag, they will give you a better opinion! :yes:
  3. Yup white quilted bay. One side qulted one side plane.

    Where are you based? In the UK its in most department stores as well as on Net a porter on line

  4. I am based in Los Angeles. The bag in the pic looks on the large side. Is the "large" quilted Bay?
  5. It does come in the larger size - not sure if those ones are out yet though. Although Kylie may have it being a celeb and all that.

    The regular size is quite large generally and maybe it looks larger on Kyles as she is so small. I would say the regular bay is still a larger bag. Chloe Babe posted her pics carrying her regular on here so if you do a search under her name you can see what the regular size is like on.