Please Identify This Chanel!

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  1. Dear Purseforum
    I know this might be a bit strange to ask about, but none the less here goes:
    I received this make up/ toiletry bag as a gift. Can you tell me where it's from - I've googled and it seems to be a kind of gift along with beauty products? I hope is't authentic naturally.
    Thanks in advance
    Chanel.front.jpg Chanel.back.jpg Chanel.buttom.jpg Chanel.inside.jpg
  2. It's from the Chanel Ice Cube Collection. The collection ranges from high $1000s to about $1800s. The pochette in particular, IMO you shouldn't pay more than $800 for it.
  3. Please help me to identify the year of this bag, and why it does not have the made in France or Italy hologram and the Chanel stamp is more like black. It is a very old piece, I sent it to authenticate and it is an authentic vintage. However, it is very old and not serial number.
    IMG_4163.jpeg IMG_4164.jpeg IMG_4165.jpeg IMG_4166.jpeg IMG_4167.jpeg
  4. Hi guys can u please ID the year of the bag? Is it a mini? Is that a champagne ghw? Other infos and prices would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  5. Hey guys, what's the name of this bag? Anyone have any reviews of this bag? Screenshot_20190125-210642_Chrome.jpg
  6. Its a new seasonal style for SS act 1 - as far as I know it has not been released in previous seasons.
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  9. Really like the channel design.
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  11. I saw this bag at my local store today. I thought it was clean and chic it also comes in red, I believe
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  12. The site does not list every available option. You have to call boutiques to ask for what you want, or follow what is new here on the site to see what colors are new/current or past season.
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  13. Thanks for the info. Is it worn crossbody?
  14. Looks a bit small...does it come in a bigger size?
  15. any insight into the original price?