Please Identify This Chanel!

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  1. Hi,

    I want to get this bag but don't know the style. Does anyone know the style name of this bag and the price? Do you know if this bag's price will be part of the Nov. 1st price increase? Also, has anyone seen this bag at SAKS in NYC?

    Thanks so much!

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  2. #2 Oct 25, 2008
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    I think its called the Timeless Classic Tote (its zippered I believe)...Def not the PST or GST though. I've seen this bag before. No idea of the price...and I know the price increase will be on all the classic flaps , I think classic totes I'm pretty sure it will have an increase in price. sorry.

    Edit: Yep, it's def. the timeless tote...heres an old thread that has other photos
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  3. AGREE with kara_n.
  4. Definitely a Timeless Classic Tote:yes:
    There's a thread of Chanel Classics in the Reference Library.
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  5. Thanks all! I went to the Classics thread and noticed there are two sizes. Anyone know if the chain from the petite size is long enough to carry on the shoulder or should I get the bigger size?
  6. ^The timeless tote only comes in one size, I think you are referring to the petit shopping tote, where they also have a grand shopping tote. This has a leather section at the top of the shoulder strap. I have the Petit Timeless tote (the one that is pictured) and yes I can fit the straps comfortably on my shoulder.
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  7. there's 2 sizes of the Timeless Classic Tote:yes:
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  8. I was on Chanel News and going through a photo gallery I saw this bag. Since I am relatively new to Chanel, I wasn't sure what this bag was called. I think it's a mini-flap, but I'm not sure!
    Thank you x (if that doesn't show here is the link: )
  9. I think it is not mini,but I have no idea about its name!
  10. Hi, I really love this necklace but have no idea if this is a vintage piece or latest style.

    anyone can help me to advise the model name/article reference for this chanel necklace, love it.

    Thanks for looking

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  11. Looks like no one seems to know this style/ID of this necklace?
  12. I know this is from a few years ago ( from an old ep of my super sweet 16 LOL) , but does anyone know what style these chanel sunglasses are and where I might still be able to get them?


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  13. bump