Please identify this chanel bag?

  1. Looks like one of the new fall/winter bags.

    I think it's called the Cloudy Bundle collection.

    Or something like that.
  2. No, I don't think it is new. It is the distressed leather from last season. Personnal Shoppers had one on eBay I was drooling over months ago. I agree it is TDF! I wish I had bought it. I really, really do. Anyhow ,I have been to Chanel Internationally(he,he)thay do not have any in Florida,London,Amsterdam,Bahamas,Canada. Good luck, it's the distressed leather tote,limited edtion.
  3. they're continuing that line this F/W though and that bag does look like one of the F/W pieces I've seen. Celebs are privvy to them before we are :sad:
  4. oh that sucks. thanks swankymama. by the way, is that your daughter in your avatar. she is gorgeous!
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