Please identify this bag

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  1. I've had this bag in my collection for quite a few years, but am not sure what model or year this bag is. I hope someone could help shed some light. Thank you!
  2. I sold one of these on consignment not very long ago. I don't know the name, but I was calling it the "star quilt" flap. As I recall it's just a few years old. If you tell me the authenticity number I can estimate what year it was released. Do you have the original tag? Or on the box is there a white sticker with information on it? This could give clues to what season it's from.
  3. Thanks Smoothoprter. The serial no. is 10267073. However, I've misplaced the box and the tag.
  4. The hologram sticker makes it around 2005-2006. However, since it is a lower ten series number it's more likely 2005.
  5. This is from the 2005 fall/winter collection and is described in the catalogue as "crackled patent lambskin flap bag". You girls will not believe how much this bag costed back in 2005...

    I love this bag. Definitely one of my favourites in 2005.
  6. Thanks Miffy27. This bag was given to me as a present by my hubby (then boyfriend) and it was the first Chanel for me so I wasn't really that clued in about the model names and all. This bag is one of my favourites and is definetly a keeper.
  7. Let me guess...below $1300:confused1: If so, that will make all the current prices look like a joke:push:
  8. Is it navy or black? Very beautiful! Definitely a keeper.
  9. It's a deep black. It's quite shiny and nice to look at. What I like most about it though, is that the bag is very durable (scratch free!). I've had it for a while and have used it somewhat but it still looks new. Will definetly keep this in my collection. I secretly wish Chanel will come out with something like this again, probably in a larger size.
  10. Chanel came out with a bag called The Ritz, that reminds me a lot of this bag. It was larger and hard more compartments. I loved that bag as well, sigh!:love:
  11. Would you by any chance have a picture of the Ritz? I would so love to see it.
  12. Here is an official pic of your bag!
    Chanel 2005 FW Catalogue.jpg
  13. looks quite different between the two pics...but I see the similarities too. Fanbran's bag looks "puffier" (and prettier, imho).

  14. Thanks Miffy for the picture :smile: I think my bag looks puffier because I kinda overdid it on the stuffing. But the bag is not that puffy in real.